Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Research (CeDER)


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CeDER-affiliated scientists investigate mechanisms underlying type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes and obesity with related diseases: fatty liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, cardiovascular and renal diseases, infertility, sleep disorders, osteoporosis and cancer. CeDER scientists are keenly aware of the link between these disorders and the aging process, and are actively engaged in studying these processes in older patients.

Research Organization of Ceder

CeDER was established based upon expertise in the areas of metabolism, whole animal physiology, insulin and hormone action, inflammation, and lipid and islet cell biology. Moreover, CeDER investigators explore metabolic regulation by the immune system, brain, gut, and bone.

A. Ongoing Research in Metabolic and Endocrine-Related Diseases

Type 1: McInerney, Najjar, Stepkowski 
Type 2: Bourey, Lecka-Czernik, McInerney, Modyanov, Najjar, Sanchez

Obesity: Hill, Lecka-Czernik, Modyanov, Najjar, Smas

Fatty Liver Disease: Gatto-Weis, Mensah-Osman, Najjar
Complications of Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) / Obesity
Atherosclerosis and hypertension: Najjar, Vazquez
Bone homeostasis: Lecka-Czernik 

Sleep Fragmentation: Bourey

Infertility: Hill, Modyanov, Sanchez

Cancer and Obesity: Chin, Najjar, Smas

B. Ongoing Translational Research

Bone/stem cells: Lecka-Czernik

Obesity: Bourey, Griffith, McInerney, Najjar

Sleep Fragmentation: Bourey

Cancer and Obesity: Najjar

C. Ongoing Research in Biological Processes 

Adipogenesis: Chin, Lecka-Czernik, Najjar, Sanchez, Smas

Gene Regulation: Lecka-Czernik, Modyanov, Najjar, Sanchez

Immunology: Mensah-Osman, McInerney, Stepkowski 

Neuroendocrine regulation of energy balance: Hill, Najjar 

Nutrition: Chin, McInerney, Najjar, Smas 

Signaling: Lecka-Czernik, Najjar, Sanchez, Stepkowski, Vazquez

D. Ongoing Research in Technology Development

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: Cameron (Biomedical engineering), Bourey

Last Updated: 3/22/15