UToledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences: Office of Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CARE Connections

The CARE Connection Initiative is made up of a partnership between UT Institutional Advancement, UT College of Medicine, and minority alumni of the UT College of Medicine.  Its main mission is to serve as a resource and raise funds for deserving underrepresented minority students to attend (or continue to attend) the UT College of Medicine.  The main point of contact for CARE fundraising is Associate Vice President Howard Newman.  The UT College of Medicine CARE alumni contact is '94 Bryan Baugh, M.D.

UTCOM alumni partner with UT by helping raise money within the alumni group, representing the UT COM at recruiting health fairs, and holding panel discussions for the benefit of students concerning topics like mentoring, exploring specialty areas, private practice experiences, employment opportunities, and overcoming financial challenges.  

Ifyou are an alumni and would like to participate in CARE Connections, please contact '94 Bryan Baugh, M.D. at bbaugh@tttus.jnj.com, or Mr. Howard Newman at  Howard.Newman@utoledo.edu


Last Updated: 3/1/22