Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium Schedule 2013-14


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Presentations are held Monday (unless shown in red) at 4:00 p.m. in BO 1059 


Speaker and Host _______________________________________

TBD - summer 2014

Rajvinder Kaur - M.S. Defense
Advisor: Lind-Kovacs

TBD - summer 2014

Lorenza Favrot - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Ronning

TBD - summer 2014

Nicholas Zeringo - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Bellizzi

TBD - summer 2014

Tien Ho - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Anderson

TBD - summer 2014

Lindsay Young - M.S. Defense
Advisor: Lind-Kovacs


September 9

Dr. Angus Wilkinson - Georgia Tech
Host: Lind

September 16

Dr. Zbigniew Witczak - Wilkes University
Host: Andreana 

September 23

Dr. David Crich - Wayne State U.
Host: Zhu

September 30

Dr. Jason Belitsky - Oberlin College
Host: Andreana 

October 4

Dr. William Roush - Scripps Research Institute
Host: Andreana/Peseckis (Medicinal & Biol. Chemistry) 
Frontiers in Chemistry Lectureship Series

October 7

Dr. Nicola Brasch - Kent State University
Host: Mason

October 16

Raziya Shaik - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Bryant-Friedrich

October 21

Dr. Ramakrishna Guda - Western Michigan University
Host: Bigioni

October 28

Dr. Unh-Soo Cho - University of Michigan
Host: Bellizzi

November 4

Vidhi Mishra - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Ronning

November 6

Adam Keith - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Mason

November 8

Tianhao Li - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Anderson

November 11

Veteran's Day

November 25

Leandro Wang Hantao - University of Campinas
Host: Anderson

December 2

Sreejit Menon - Literature Presentation
Advisor: Schmidt

December 4

Chakra Joshi - Ph.D. Defense
Advisor: Bigioni


January 20

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 27

Dr. James Geiger - Michigan State University
Host: Viola

February 21

Dr. Donna Nelson - U of Oklahoma
Host: Viola

February 24

Paul Oshule - Dissertation Defense
Advisor: Mueser

March 3

Spring Break

March 10

Dr. George O’Doherty - Northeastern U.
Host: Zhu

March 17

Erica Loney - Thesis Defense
Advisor: Ronning

March 24

Dr. Tom Xiao - Eli Lilly
Host: Anderson

March 26

Amarendar Maddirala - Literature Presentation
Advisor: Andreana

March 31

Sreejit Menon
Advisor: Schmidt

April 7

Sri Kumar Veleti - Literature Presentation
Advisor: Sucheck

April 9

Raymond West - Literature Presentation
Advisor: Isailovic

April 14

Dr. Tom Rovis - Colorado State U.
Host: Yamamoto
Organic Synthesis Lectureship Series

April 16

Honors Tea 3-5 p.m.

April 23

Dr. Vladimir Kitaev - Wilfrid Laurier University
Host: Bigioni

April 25

Will Cole - Honors thesis presentation
Samantha Lear - Honors thesis presentation



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