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Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium 2015-2016


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Colloquia are held at 4:00 p.m. in WO1205 unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2016                                             SPEAKER
August 24 (Wed)


August 29 (Mon)

Dr. Eli Chapman, University of Arizona
Title: Changing the Drug Discovery Perspective
Host: Steve Sucheck

August 31 (Wed)

Hosein Tafazolian - Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Joe Schmidt

September 5 (Mon)

Labor Day - no classes

September 7 (Wed)

Faculty Research

September 9 (Fri)

Faculty Research

September 12 (Mon)

Faculty Research

September 14 (Wed)

Faculty Research

September 19 (Mon)

Faculty Research

September 21 (Wed)


September 26 (Mon)

Dr. Vaidehi Nagarajan, City of Hope
Title: Role of Dynamics and Allostery in Drug Design for G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
Host: Ajith Karunarathne

September 28 (Wed)

Dr. Judith Giordan, VP and Managing Director of ecosVC, Co-Founder of the Chemical Angel Network
Title: The Convergence of University Research, Technology Commercialization & Career Development: A New 21st Century Contact Sport
Host: Mark Mason

October 3 (Mon)

Fall Break

October 5 (Wed)


October 10 (Mon)


October 12 (Wed)

Spartan Chemicals
Green Chemistry, Safer Choices Webinar (3-4 pm, to register, click here)

October 17 (Mon)


October 19 (Wed)

Dr. Qiu Wang, Duke University
Title: Leveraging Chemistry for Biology and Therapy: New amination strategies to access biologically important molecules
Host: Wei Li

October 21 (Fri)

Dr. Wei Shi, University of Arkansas - Michigan Tour
Title: Chemistry and Biology of Ipomoeassin Natural Products
Host: Peter Andreana

October 24 (Mon)


October 26 (Wed)


October 31 (Mon)

Dr. Massimo Olivucci, Bowling Green State University
Title: "On the Molecular Basis of Light Sensitivity"
Host: Ajith Karunarathne

November 2 (Wed)


November 7 (Mon)

Dr. Claudio Verani, Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University
Title: Molecular Diodes, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Water-splitting Catalysts Inspired by the 5-coordinate Iron of Tyrosine Hydroxylase
Host: Peter Andreana

November 9 (Wed)


November 14 (Mon)

Dr. Joseph J Barchi Jr, NIH/NCI
Title: The Many Faces and Functions of the Thomsen Friedenreich Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Antigen
Host: Peter Andreana

November 16 (Wed)

Dr. Hening Lin, Cornell University
Host: Don Ronning

November 18 (Fri)

Yeakub Zaker - Public Defense
Advisor: Terry Bigioni

November 21 (Mon)

Dr. Benjamin Swarts, Central Michigan University
Host: Steve Sucheck

November 23 (Wed)

Thanksgiving Break

November 28 (Mon)

Brian Conn - Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Terry Bigioni

November 30 (Wed)

Hai Nguyen - Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Jianglong Zhu

December 5 (Mon)


December 7 (Wed)


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