Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium Schedule 2014-15

Colloquia are held on Monday at 4:00 p.m. in BO 1059 unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2014

Speaker and Host

August 27

Yasanandana (Supun) Wijayasinghe - Public PhD Defense - Dr. Viola's Research Group

Talk title: "Molecular Insights into N-acetylaspartate Metabolism in Canavan Disease"

September 22

Hao Xu - Georgia State University

Talk title: "Iron-Catalyzed Stereoselective Olefin Aminohydroxylation and Aminofluorination with Functionalized Hydroxylamines"

Host: Andreana

September 29


October 6


October 13

Fall Break

October 20

Nicole Karn - Ohio Northern University

Talk Title: "Unveiling Charge and Proton Transfer in Organic Molecules using Spectroscopy and Dynamics"

Host: Ronning

Wednesday October 22

Philippe Cotelle - Lille University

Talk Title: "Novel Inhibitors of HIV Integrase with a High Barrier to Resistance"

Host: Lind-Kovacs

October 27

Punit Kohli - Southern Illinois University

Talk Title: "Tiny Lenses with Superior Images"

Host: Karunarathne

November 3

John Tanner - University of Missouri-Columbia

Talk Title: "Structural Basis of Substrate Channeling in Proline Catabolism"

Host: Ronning

November 10

Rena Robinson - University of Pittsburgh

Talk Title: "Increasing Proteomics Throughput to Study Aging and Alzheimer's Disease"

Host: Isailovic

November 17

Vlad Iluc - University of Notre Dame

Talk Title: "Secondary Metal-Ligand Interactions: C-H Activation and Metal-Element Multiple Bonding"

Host: Schmidt

November 24

Sivaraj (Shiv) Sivaramakrishnan - University of Michigan

Talk Title: "Modulating Protein Interactions to Map Information Flow in Cell Signalling"

Host: Karunarathne

December 1

William Maio - New Mexico State University

Talk title: "The Taumycin A Macrocycle: Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Revision of Relative Stereochemistry"

Host: Andreana

*December 5

BO 1059

4:00 pm

Chris G. Gianopoulos - Public PhD Defense - Dr. Mason Research Group

Talk title: "Development of Bulky Dipyrromethene Complexes of Aluminum and Zinc: Application to the Ring-Opening Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone"

December 8


Mary Jackson - Colorado State University

Frontiers in Chemistry Lecturer

Title: "Targeting mycolic acid biosynthesis and export in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"

Host: Ronning

*December 10

BO 1059

4:00 pm

Xiadong Gao - Public PhD Defense - Dr. Lind-Kovacs Research Group

Talk title: "Effect of Negative Thermal Expansion Material Cubic ZrW2O8 on Polycarbonate Composites"


Spring 2015

Speaker and Host

January 5

Faculty Search - Reserved

January 7

Faculty Search - Reserved

January 12

Yu-Sheng Chen - University of Chicago

Talk title: "Synchrotron Radiation, ChemMatCARS  What do you know about it?"

Host: Bigioni

January 14

Faculty Search Talk - Reserved

January 19

Faculty Search Talk - Reserved

January 21

Faculty Search Talk - Reserved

January 26

Faculty Search Talk - Reserved

January 28

Faculty Search Talk - Reserved

February 2

Faculty Search Talk Reserved

February 9


February 16


February 23


March 2

Anna Samia - Case Western Reserve

Host: Bigioni

March 4

7 pm

FH 2100

Dr. William Carroll, Jr. - ACS Director-at-Large and VP of Occidental Chemical Corporation

"Statistics and the Shirelles: How Physical Sciences Thinking Informs Popular Music Analytics"

Host: James Zubricky

March 9

Spring Break

March 16

Paul Ortiz de Montellano - UC San Francisco

Frontiers in Chemistry Lecturer

Title: "Hemoproteins, Oxygen, and Pathogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis"

Host: Ronning

March 23


March 30

Stanislav Groysman - Wayne State University

Talk Title: "Synthesis of the Low-Coordinate Bis(Alkoxide) Metal Complexes and Their Reactivity in N-N Bond Formation Reactions"

Host: Andreana

April 6

Woody Guo - Wayne State University

Talk Title:  "Synthesis and Biological Studies of GPI Anchors and GPI-Anchored Proteins"

Host: Sucheck

April 13

John Wood - Baylor University

Organic Syntheses Lectureship Series Speaker

Talk Title: "Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products"

Host: Sucheck

 **April 17

4:00 pm

BO 1059

Brian A. Ashenfelter - Public PhD Defense - Dr. Bigioni Research Group 

Talk title: "Understanding the synthesis and properties of molecular silver nanoparticles"

April 20

Sanela Martic - Oakland University

Talk Title: "Exploring Amino Acid Code Towards Biomaterials and Biosensors"

Host: Zhu

April 27

12:00 pm

WO 1205

Honors Thesis Presentations

Host: Dr. John Bellizzi

April 27

Lindsay K. Young - Public M.S. Defense - Dr. Lind-Kovacs Research Group

Talk Title:  "Synthesis and Characterization of A2Mo3O12 Negative Thermal Expansion Materials"

**April 29

3:30 pm

SU 2592

Chemistry and Biochemistry Honors Tea

**May 1

4:00 pm

BO 1059

Steven Toth - Public PhD Defense - Dr.  Wendell Griffith Research Group

Talk title: "Complete Trimethylation of Lysine Residues and its Application to the Quantitation of Lysine Methylation in Histones using Mass Spectrometry​"

**May 6

3:00 pm

BO 1045

Hem Khatri - Public PhD Defense - Dr.  Jianglong Zhu Research Group

Talk title: "Synthesis of Complex ortho-Allyliodoarenes and Antitumor Antibiotic Derhodinosylurdamycin A"


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