Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium 2015-2016

Colloquia are held at 4:00 p.m. in WO1205 unless otherwise noted.

   Summer 2016                                             SPEAKER
May 16th


May 18th


May 23rd


May 25th


May 30th

 No colloquium, Memorial Day

June 1st


June 6th


June 8th


June 13th


June 15th


June 20th

Bharani Thangavelu-Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Ronald Viola

June 22nd


June 27th


June 29th


July 4th

Independence Day

July 6th


July 11th

Raymond West-Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Dragan Isailovic

July 13th


 July 18th

Gurdat Pramnauth-Public Defense
Advisor: Peter Andreana

July 20th

Ajith Yapa Mudiyanselage-Public Dissertation Seminar

July 25th

Mengchao Shi-Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Peter Andreana

July 27th

Kevin Trabbic-Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Peter Andreana

August 1st TBD
August 3rd

Sharmeen Nishat-Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Peter Andreana


    SPRING 2016                                             SPEAKER
January 11th

No colloquium

January 18th

No colloquium, MLK holiday

January 25th


January 31st


February 1st


 February 8th


February 10th

Faculty candidate

February 15th


February 17th


 February 22nd

Dr. Peter N. Devreotes-2016 Frontiers in Chemistry Speaker

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Host: Ajith Karunarathne

February 24th 

Invited Speaker, Please see the notice board for more information.

February 29th Invited Speaker, Please see the notice board for more information.
March 2nd Invited Speaker, Please see the notice board for more information.
 March 7th

No colloquium, Spring Break

 March 14th


 March 16th

Dr. Ana C. Alba-Rubio, University of Toledo

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Host - Wei Li

 March 21st

Dr. Cynthia J. Burrows, University of Utah

2016 Organic Syntheses Lecturer

Host - Peter Andreana

March 25th

Dr. Justin Ragains, Louisiana State University

Host - Peter Andreana

 March 28th

Dr. Sadashiva KarnikCleveland Clinic 

Host: Ajith Karunarathne

 April 4th

 Dr. Mary Kay Pflum, Wayne State University

 Host: Ajith Karunarathne


Dr. James W. Janetka, Washington University in St. Louis

Host: Steve Sucheck

April 18th

Dr. John J. G. Tesmer, University of Michigan

Host: Ajith Karunarathne 

April 20th

Sri Kumar Veleti

Public Dissertation Seminar
Advisor: Steve Sucheck

April 22nd

Dr. Amy Cannon, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, beyond benign

Host: Bigioni

April 25th

Dr. Eric Greene
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Columbia University
Host: Ronning

April 27th


April 29th


Fall 2015


Monday, August 31

Ravi Alla
Isailovic research group

Monday, Sept 7th

Labor Day-No Seminar

Monday, Sept 14th


Monday, Sept 21st


Wednesday, Sept 30th

Dr. John C. Warner
Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
Frontiers Centennial Speaker 

Friday, October 2nd 

Partha Karmakar, Dissertation Defense,                    

Advisor: Steven J. Sucheck

Monday, October 5th 

Fall Break-No Seminar

Monday, October 12th        

Dr. Jared Piper
Eli Lilly and Company
Host: Peter Andreana

Monday, October 19th


Monday, October 26th

Dr. Kirk Mykytyn
The Ohio State University
Host: Ajith Karunarathne

Monday, Nov 2th

Dr. Diane Schmidt
ACS President

Wednesday, Nov 4th

Dr. David Clemmer
Indiana University
Host: Dragan Isailovic

Monday, Nov 9th

Dr. Eric C. Long
Host: Steven Sucheck

Monday, Nov 16th

Dr. Wei Zhang
University of Massachusetts
Host: Mark Mason

Monday, Nov 23rd

Dr. Rejji Kuruvilla
Johns Hopkins University
Host: Ajith Karunarathne

Monday, Nov 30th

Najafi Ali, Public Defense

Advisor: Jared Anderson

Wednesday, Dec 2nd

Dr. John Montgomery
University of Michigan
Host: Joseph Schmidt

Friday, Dec 4th

Samantha Bouhall, Public Defense
Advisor: Steve Sucheck

Monday, December 7th

Faculty Candidate 

Wednesday, December 9th

Faculty Candidate

 Monday, December 14th

Faculty Candidate



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