Northwest Ohio District 2 Science Day at UToledo

Registration Information

Northwest Ohio District 2 Science Day - NWDSD 2024

NOTE: It is with deep regret we announce the cancellation of District 2 Science Day, March 2nd. Students and judges are asked to transfer to District 18, which is a virtual one, or register in another nearby district (see OAS website). Registration must be completed by February 26, 2024

The Ohio Academy of Science State Science Day - website for more information

OAS District 2 Science Day Teacher - online registration open

OAS District 2 Science Day Student - to begin a project or prepare to submit a project for 2024, ProjectBoard registration MUST be completed by December 15, 2023. Students may begin submitting projects on Monday, December 18, 2023.

OAS District 2 Science Day Judge - not open yet

NOTE: All registration for 2024 is being done through ProjectBoard.

In order for students to participate in District 2 Science Day, they must submit the following on ProjectBoard (via Student registration link):

  1. Abstract
  2. Required ISEF forms
  3. Consent and release form
  4. Final research paper

REQUIRED TILES IN PROJECTBOARD: For student registration in ProjectBoard, students will enter the usual contact information, etc. Additionally, they will have to complete some (not all) tiles shown on their ProjectBoard project page. The only tiles that are required for all District Science Days are the ISEF Forms, Consent and Release, Abstract and Final Report. The Quad Chart and Video tiles are only required if a district wants to require one or both of them. The Quad Chart and Video tiles are required for BSEF and State Science Day.

Please read all of the information provided before beginning! Additional information can be found by visiting the OAS YouTube Channel. 


Registration for District Science Day will be from December 18, 2023 to February 26, 2024. A “Submit” button is located at the top of the student’s project in ProjectBoard. Students will use this button and select which event(s) they are registering for. Please review the registration manual BEFORE beginning your submission.

DSD REGISTRATION FEE COLLECTION: There not be a registration fee payment page included in student registration this year vai ProjectBoard. The registration fee of $30 per student must be submitted through this online payment link.

The display of the project for District 2 Science Day should be on a tri-fold board.
Complete details available on Information for Students page.

To participate in State Science Day, students need:

  1. To fill the Quad chart or upload a picture of their tri-fold
  2. To add a video presentation that is up to 15 minutes long
Last Updated: 2/13/24