Northwest Ohio District 2 VIRTUAL Science Day at UToledo

Team Projects

The Junior Academy Council of OAS endorses the concept of team projects at District and State Science Days.

Rules for team projects for grades 5-12 at NWDSD are as follows:

  1. A team is limited to three (3) students. All students on a team must play an active role in the science experiment. Individuals should not be used solely for writing reports, making displays, etc.
  2. All team members must be present on District Science Day; otherwise the entry will be disqualified.
  3. All team members are required to belong to the same school and same grade brackets (a) grades 5-6, (b) grades 7-8, and (c) grades 9-12. Each team shall appoint a team leader to coordinate the work and act as the primary spokesperson. However, each member of the team should be able to serve as spokesperson, be fully involved with the project, and be familiar with all aspects of the project. The final work should reflect the coordinated efforts of all team members.
  4. A supplemental sheet of the contribution each member made toward the team project shall be signed by each member and shall be displayed with the project and included in the  project report.
  5. A 50 point rating scale (see Judging Criteria) is used for teams including a category for teamwork.
  6. Individual and team projects will be considered equally in selecting qualifiers for State Science Day.
Last Updated: 6/27/22