Department of Environmental Sciences

Display of Project

Set up a physical display. This is a table-top poster display (36" wide x 30" deep) exhibiting tables, diagrams, graphs, models, report, etc.  Any photos used must be credited.  The only photographs or visual depictions of identifiable or recognizable people allowed are photographs of the exhibitor, photographs taken by the exhibitor (with permission of individuals received and included in your research papers). In previous years, no materials or equipment from the project have been permitted.  In 2019, students will be permitted to display some items with the intention that students will be better able to present their projects to the judges.  International Science and Engineering (ISEF) display rules will apply.  Items which are now Permitted, or Not Permitted, are listed in the updated Science Day Standards, Section III, parts (g-j).  Please review carefully.  If there are questions, contact the OAS office. No equipment is to be displayed at your exhibit site; only the poster setup and supporting paper documents. Objects, specimens, equipment, etc. must not be attached to display boards or included in reports or notebooks. All written reports and log books must disclose and cite where appropriate the specific source(s) of the idea for the project. Citations must be fully documented with references such as author(s), date, publication, and URL, if website.

Participants must complete and post the following information, where applicable, in 14 pt. font on the front of their displays. “Outside sources” below means the student did not personally create the graphics.  They came from or were modified from computer clip art, the internet, books, journal articles, or other printed or digital sources.

Photographs taken by: ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

Graphics from outside sources are from: _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

Photographic permissions were obtained and are located:________________________________________________________________         


Last Updated: 5/27/20