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Information for Judges

There are two categories of judges at Northwest Ohio District 2 Science Day—most of you are general judges and responsible for assigning superior, excellent, or good ratings to student projects. A number of you are volunteering to determine the awarding of special or sponsored awards to qualifying students. Please peruse the appropriate information below:

How do I Volunteer to be a general* judge at Northwest Ohio District 2 Science Day?

It's as simple as clicking on the button below.

NWDSD General Judges

Your name, address, phone number, e-mail, affiliation (That is are you representing a particular school or company or just helping as an interested individual.) and your preference(s) of judging area are needed.  The fields include behavioral and social sciences, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, computer sciences, earth and space sciences, engineering sciences, environmental sciences, mathematics, medicine and health, microbiology, physics, and zoology. You may choose as many areas as you like. Also check your preferences of student level—5th-6th, junior high, or high school.

You will be contacted by phone, mail, or e-mail with more specific information closer to Science Day.

What do I do as a General Judge on Science Day, March 7, 2020?

A meeting for all general judges will begin at 8AM in the Ingman Room (Room 2591) of the Thompson Student Union. You must be at this meeting on time, even if you have attended for many years.  New procedures are explained and problems solved. Please be prompt. (If you are judging a sponsored award please go to the special judge section below.) Please park in Area 13 or the West Ramp (see map)

Go to the registration table and pick up your packet that will include the projects you have been assigned.  Have a bagel or donut and a cup of coffee or juice and then find your assigned seat next to your judging partner. A presentation will follow that hopefully will make your judging experience a rewarding one. Judging will commence at 9AM in the Student Union Auditorium. If your partner does not show, you will be assigned a new partner.  No one may judge alone! It is a team effort and required by the Ohio Academy of Science.

Upon arrival at the Student Union Auditorium exhibit areas, it's suggested you take time for a quick walk-by of your projects and determine a judging order, perhaps based on location or research topic. Projects are arranged numerically.  Introduce yourself to each student and try to set them at ease. Most will be nervous, only natural for an event like this. Judging techniques will vary, but generally you want to hear a synopsis of what each student did. Look for knowledge of the scientific method, familiarity with terminology and concepts of the specific field, the use of a control, the running of a number of trials, etc.  Look at their research report and note age appropriate references in their bibliography or references cited section. Examine their poster boards for an age appropriate display of all important data.  Note errors in spelling or sloppiness. Also recognize creativeness in the research. At the bottom of this page are some sites that will provide you with some helpful hints and judging techniques.

Some judging teams wait until they have talked to all their students to complete the judging by arriving at rankings; others determine  ranks for each project as they go along. This is up to you, however be aware of the time aspect and try to be prompt in turning in rating sheets and student participation ribbons.   Judges’ rooms are provided for you to evaluate your notes on each project. Refreshments will be available. Each judging team member must arrive at numerical values (1-10 highest) in the four or five categories of knowledge achieved, use of scientific method or use of engineering design (if in engineering category), clarity of expression, originality/creativity, and teamwork (if it is a team project).  Fill out your rating sheet and turn it in at the registration/checkout table. Each judging team will turn in two sheets for each entrant, one for each judge. You are encouraged to add positive and constructive comments to the rating sheets.  This is especially useful to students selected to represent District 2 at State Science Day.  

Judges, it is of utmost importance that you complete your judging in a timely manner. The District 2 office staff has a major task in compiling the rankings and awards before the afternoon awards ceremony. The sooner you complete your judging, the easier it is to prepare for the ceremony. After you are finished judging, have turned in your rating sheets to the checkout table and turned in your judge ribbons your work is finished. We, however, suggest you view the projects before leaving and talk with students whose projects interest you. Thanks for being a general judge at NWDSD. Be certain to pick up your certificate of appreciation at the checkout table outside the Student Union Auditorium.


I'm a Sponsored Award Judge, what do I do?

A meeting for all Sponsored Award Judges begins at 8AM in  Room 2582 of the Thompson Student Union. Signs will direct you to the Sponsored Award Judges Room. Please be prompt.  Sign in at the registration table and sit at the table with the name of your sponsored award. Coffee, juice, bagels, and donuts will be available. A folder will have a list of all the students that have signed up for your award(s). A briefing on judging will be presented. Judging will begin at 9AM. 

Some of you may have a lengthy list of projects to look at; others may have just a few. It is up to you, as a group, how you go about determining the awardee(s) of your award(s). It is suggested you conduct a walk by to look at all your projects and then determine your order of judging. In a few cases where only a few students have applied for an award you might be able to find other projects that qualify. It is your option to judge these as well. It is perfectly acceptable to eliminate those that do not meet the qualifications of your award(s), especially if you have a large number of applicants. Some of you may judge alone; others may work in teams.

You may return to the Sponsored Award Judges Room to discuss the projects before arriving at the final awardees. Please make certain the projects meet the specific requirements of your awards. If you don't have qualifying projects for some awards please let the registration desk know.  If you make any changes in your organization’s awards, also inform the registration table. Complete your judging in a timely manner, realizing that all judging must be completed by Noon. The District 2 office staff will appreciate early receipt of awardees so there is plenty of time to complete certificates before the afternoon awards ceremony. After selecting your awardees turn the list of recipients in to the registration desk in the Sponsored Award Judges Room and return your special judge ribbons. Please make certain it is clear who received each award. We suggest that you take time before leaving to view all the projects and talk to students that have projects of interest. Lunch is also available. You are also encouraged to present your organization's award(s) at the awards ceremony beginning at 2:30 in the Ingman Room of Thompson Student Union, otherwise we will make the presentations for you. Please let those at the Registration table know of your intent. Thanks for being a special judge at NWDSD. Be certain to pick up your certificate of appreciation at the registration desk.

Last Updated: 5/27/20