Department of Environmental Sciences

Information, Rules, and Forms


THE COMPLETED FORMS MUST BE UPLOADED AS A PART OF THE ONLINE REGISTRATION, EITHER AS PDF files or JPG images.  For general State Science Day information, click here.

NOTE: For important information regarding necessary forms for District and State Science Days, please refer to:  THE OHIO ACADEMY IF SCIENCE 

  1. Students are required to check in at the registration tables in Thompson Student Union.  Projects can be set up between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., and must be ready for judging no later than 9 a.m. IF A STUDENT IS ABSENT WHEN THE JUDGE ARRIVES, THE PROJECT MAY BE DISQUALIFIED. With over 300 exhibitors, students are urged to arrive promptly.
  2. Each project will be judged once by a pair of general judges, with additional judging for special awards continuing until 12 noon.
  3. Projects must remain on display until 1:30 for public viewing.
  4. Electricity will NOT be provided at District or State Science Days.
  5. No experiments may be conducted during the District or State Science Fairs.


  • All students must complete a Checklist for Adult Sponsor (Form 1), Research Plan (Form 1A), and Approval Form (Form 1B) in advance of their research.
  • A student with a project involving research risks or issues and special protocols will be accepted for competition at District and State Science Days only if a copy of the approved Checklist for Adult Sponsor (Form 1), Research Plan (Form 1A), Approval Form (Form 1B), other special forms as needed, and the Consent Form are uploaded to the STEM Wizard Registration Website.
  • Students in grades 9-12 who expect to compete in the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair leading to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) must complete a Checklist for Adult Sponsor (Form 1), Research Plan (Form 1A), and Approval Form (Form 1B) in advance of the research, as well as other special forms as required for all projects.
  • Student research projects involving:
  • live vertebrate animals including observation projects,
  • humans subjects,
  • recombinant DNA,
  • controlled substances,      
  • hazardous substances and devices,
  • human and nonhuman animal tissues, or
  • pathogenic agents
    must be approved in advance of the research trials, data collection or actual experimentation by a locally appointed Scientific Review Committee.
  • The Research Plan (Form 1A) MUST use and adhere to all protocols for research risks and issues identified by the Rules for competition in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as determined by the local Scientific Review Committee. The membership of the local school Scientific Review Committee (minimum of three persons with specific roles and expertise) may be expanded to serve as an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for review of vertebrate animal projects and/or an Institutional Review Board for review of projects with human subjects.
  • If a live vertebrate animal was used in a student’s research, he/she must have a copy of Vertebrate Animal Form 5B with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee certificate.
  • For help determining which forms are necessary for your project, a Rules Wizard has been created for your use. 
Last Updated: 5/27/20