Department of Mathematics and Statistics

COVID-19 Suggested Additions

There are three suggested additions:

  • UT's additions for a course which meets in person (From the University Teaching Resources website, resources for Fall 2022)
  • The Media Use Policy if you record lectures
  • Kathy's alteration of the Academic Dishonesty Policy


Maintaining a safe campus during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic remains a top priority. UToledo continues to follow the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Ohio Department of Health to keep our campus safe.

The University of Toledo has a missed class policy. It is important that students and instructors discuss attendance requirements for the course. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or who is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should not come to campus and do a self-administered COVID test or contact their primary care physician or the Main Campus Health Center at 419.530.3451 or Health Science Campus Student Health and Wellness Center at 419.383.5000 to get tested and treated. Free self-administered COVID tests are available at various locations across both campuses including, many residence halls at the main desk, both Rec. Centers, and the Student Affairs Office in the Student Union. For more information on the symptoms of COVID-19, please go to

COVID-19 testing for sick students is also available on both Main Campus and Health Science Campus. On Main Campus, no appointment is needed. Symptomatic students should go to the door to the left of the main entrance at the University Health Center and ring the doorbell or call 419.530.3451. You will be immediately let into the sick area for COVID testing. On the Health Science Campus, symptomatic COVID testing is done at the Comprehensive Care Center on Glendale Ave. You must call 419.383.4545 for an appointment.

Absences due to testing positive for COVID-19 are considered excused absences. Students should notify their instructors and follow the protocols summarized in this document on Navigating COVID-Related Course Concerns. If a student has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, they should wear a mask for 10 days and test at day 5, but they DO NOT have to quarantine. (CDC guidelines

In the event that you have tested positive for COVID-19 please review the CDC guidance on self-isolation and symptom monitoring, and report the disclosure to the Division of Student Affairs by emailing or by connecting with their on-call representative at 419.343.9946. Disclosure is voluntary and will only be shared on a need-to-know basis with staff such as in the Office of Student Advocacy and Support, The Office of Residence Life, and/or the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources to coordinate supportive measures or to assist the student as needed.

Face coverings are currently not required while on campus but students should feel free to wear them. The health experts on campus will continue to monitor the situation and may make changes to this policy as determined by CDC and County Health Department guidelines as infection rates fluctuate if necessary to maintain campus safety.

Doctors and other health care professionals agree that the best way to protect ourselves and each other is to get vaccinated. Case data clearly show that vaccines remain highly effective at preventing serious illness from COVID, including the highly contagious delta variant. If you have not yet received your COVID vaccine, the University encourages you do so as soon as possible. No appointment is needed to get the shot at the UTMC Outpatient Pharmacy, University Health Clinic or Main Campus Pharmacy. Once you receive the COVID vaccination, please register on the COVID Vaccine Registry site at:

It's important to note, that based on the unpredictability of the COVID-19 virus, things can change at any time. So please be patient and understanding as we move through the semester. Please refer to on a regular basis for updates to current requirements or mandates. I also ask that you keep me informed of concerns you may have about class, completing course work/assignments timely and/or health concerns related to COVID.

Media produced by the course instructor are solely for class use by students currently registered for the course, and under no circumstances can they be posted, linked to, or made available for distribution or copying to any persons, institutions, or servers (for example, no portion of them may be downloaded and posted on YouTube or sent to friends). This includes media that appears on the course site and in VoiceThread. As the author of these teaching materials the instructor or university holds the copyright (though not to the commercial artworks contained within them), and the only authorized use by students is for the purposes of the course. Violating this policy constitutes a serious infraction of UT’s computer use policy and may result in consequences up to and including expulsion from the University and legal action (both criminal and civil) from the various rights holders whose copyrights you may have infringed.

Any act of academic dishonesty as defined by the University of Toledo policy on academic dishonesty (found at will result in an F in the course or an F on the item in question, subject to the determination of the instructor.

In particular, tests, quizzes and exams must be entirely the student’s own work and any use of outside websites, apps, technology or persons to assist with completing these items will be considered academic dishonestly.

Last Updated: 8/23/22