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The clinical nurse leader (CNL) program at The University of Toledo is ideal for the goal-directed person who seeks a career as a professional registered nurse in the dynamic field of health care. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree. Graduates of the CNL program are eligible to sit for the CNL certification exam, may decide to pursue a graduate certificate to enter an advanced practice role as a nurse practitioner, or they may opt to pursue a doctor of nursing practice (D.N.P.) or doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.

The clinical nurse leader program includes:
  • 66 semester credit hours
  • 660 clinical clock hours
  • 90 lab clock hours

Frequently Asked Questions
Program Outcomes

Admission Requirements

  • Applications are completed through NursingCAS at and by submitting a nursing supplemental application to The University of Toledo:

  • Prerequisites:
    • 3.0 undergraduate GPA
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology (6 semester hours) Must earn a “B” or higher.
    • Psychology (3 semester hours)
    • Social Science elective (3 semester hours).
  • Students are admitted to the master of science in nursing graduate-entry clinical nurse leader track in the fall and proceed in a cohort for five consecutive semesters. This track is only offered full-time. 
  • Click here for more information about how to apply/deadlines.

Typical Plan of Study

Semester I
NURS 5040 – Health Assessment and the Nursing Process for Promoting Health (60 lab hours, 30 clinical hours) (6)
NURS 5050 – Health Sciences I (3)
NURS 5060 - Professional Socialization I (3)
NURS 5070 - Therapeutic Communication Skills for Nurses (30 clinical hours) (3)
Total Credit Hours (15)

Semester II NURS 5140 – Designing Nursing Systems to Promote Self Care (90 clinical hours) (6)
NURS 5250 – Health Sciences II (3)
NURS 5670 – Pharmacology (3)
NURS 5160 – Professional Socialization II (3)
Total Credit Hours (15)

Semester III
NURS 5240 – Designing Nursing Systems for Compromised Health States (120 clinical hours) (6)
INDI 6000 – Introduction to Biostatistical Methods (3)
Total Credit Hours (9)

Semester IV
NURS 5440 – Population-Focused Nursing Care (90 clinical hours) (6)
NURS 6070 – Advanced Communication Skills and Group Dynamics (30 lab hours) (3)
NURS 5910 – Advanced Nursing Research (3)
Total Credit Hours (12)

Semester V
NURS 5540 – Advanced Practicum in Nursing Systems Design (300 clinical hours) (12)
CAPSTONE – Thesis, Comprehensive Exam or Field Experience (3)
Total Credit Hours (15)



The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at University of Toledo Consortium (Consortium of University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University) is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( Additionally, the master’s degree program in nursing, the doctor of nursing practice program and the post-graduate APRN certificate program at University of Toledo are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

Upon successful completion of the CNL track, graduates are prepared to apply for a license as a RN and take the National Council Licensing Exam - Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) and sit for the CNL certification exam. 

The University of Toledo College of Nursing clinical nurse leader track has full approval by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Last Updated: 10/23/19