College of Nursing

Direct-Entry Prelicensure Master of Science in Nursing CNL Track

Frequently Asked Questions

CNL Program – General Questions:

Q:     What is a Clinical Nurse Leader?

A:    The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) role is the result of research and discussion among the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the leaders from nursing practice and education. The CNL is a master’s prepared clinical nurse whose practice is focused on patient outcomes using evidenced based research and whose practice is geared toward quality improvement. Please reference for more information on the role of the CNL.

Q:    Who is eligible for the CNL Program?

A:    The CNL program is designed for the person who holds a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, who is not yet a registered nurse (RN), but who desires to become an RN.

Q:    What degree do I obtain upon completion?

A:    Graduates of the CNL program are awarded a Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) degree upon completion of the program. CNL graduates are generalists; they may become advanced practice nurses by completing an additional University of Toledo graduate certificate program. Graduates of the CNL program are also eligible to sit for the CNL certification exam.

Q:    How do I become a RN after completion of the CNL program?

A:    Upon successful completion of the CNL program, graduates are prepared to apply for a license as a RN and take the National Council Licensing Exam-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

Application and Admission Questions

Q:    How do I make application to the M.S.N. Graduate Entry Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program?

A:    Applications are submitted through the Nursing Centralized Admission System (NursingCAS): General information about NursingCAS is available at A supplemental application is also required: The supplemental application is your application to the Graduate Nursing program at The University of Toledo.

Q:    Is there an application deadline?

A:    Yes. Program admission cycle information is posted at Students are admitted for the fall semester only. Submission of applications by the posted deadline does not guarantee review by the admissions committee. Only completed applications will be reviewed. A completed application consists of a verified NursingCAS application, three recommendations, personal statement, resume and submitted nursing supplemental application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor the status of their application.

Q:    Is there a fee for submission to NursingCAS? Is there a fee for the nursing supplemental application?

A:    Yes. There is a NursingCAS service fee and a nursing supplemental application fee. The fees must be paid in order to submit the application.

Q:    If I am a student with a bachelor’s degree from a college/university outside the U.S., are there other requirements for admission?

A:    Yes. The general subject GRE is required. You must also take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Submit official results to Institutional Code: 1845. Tests must have been taken within the past 2 years, and there is a minimum required test score for each test. Please see the admission guidelines for HSC students at  for more information. In addition, international applicants need evidence of an earned bachelor’s degree and calculation of GPA by an approved service; please refer to for a listing.

Q:    What constitutes an official college/university transcript?

A:    The official transcript sent from the college or university has the college/university seal on the transcript and is sealed in a college/university envelope. Students are required to have their official transcripts sent directly to NursingCAS. Students must print a transcript request form from NursingCAS. Complete the form and submit it to the Registrar Office of each institution attended. Please be sure to advise the Registrar Office to enclose the Transcript Request Form with your official sealed transcript and mail it directly to the NursingCAS Transcript Processing Center. NursingCAS has difficulties matching official transcripts that are not accompanied by the Transcript Request Form, which can result in a delay in processing your application. Be sure to print, complete and mail the Transcript Request form for each institution you’ve entered as having attended.

Final, official transcripts showing degree conferred or completion of in progress courses should be sent to The University of Toledo at the time an offer of admission is extended. Transcripts may be sent directly to the College of Graduate Studies, The University of Toledo, 2801 W. Bancroft Street MS 933, Toledo, OH 43606.

Q:    Do I need to provide official transcripts for every college/university/nursing school attended?

A:    Yes. Official transcripts are to be sent to NursingCAS directly by the institutions.

Q:    Must I send a transcript if I graduated from The University of Toledo (UT)?

A:    Yes. You must request the transcript and direct that it is sent to NursingCAS.

Q:    Is an interview required for admission into the CNL program?

A:    Individual candidate interviews are done at the discretion of the Student Admissions, Retention, and Progression Committee.

Q:   Is there a specified format for recommendations?

A:    Three recommendations from professional sources are required. Recommendations are submitted electronically on your behalf via the “references” section of NursingCAS.

Q:    Is there a specified format for my personal statement describing career goals, future plans for employment, and expectations for graduate study?

A:    The statement should demonstrate mastery of language, grammar, and syntax at a post-baccalaureate level. In addition, the statement should speak eloquently to your goals, expectations of graduate study, the role of the CNL, and plans for post-master’s employment. Submit your personal statement via the “personal statement” section of NursingCAS, title it “University of Toledo.”

Q:    Is admission competitive?

A:    Yes. Applicants are encouraged to give careful attention to all components of the application. Due to the limited number of positions available, each CNL applicant offered admission will submit a $300 reservation deposit along with their letter of intent to attend The University of Toledo within 2 weeks following notification of admission. This fee is applied to the individual’s fall tuition or is refundable up until June 1.

Q:    What is a Criminal Record Check?

A:    Students are required to authorize The University of Toledo to obtain criminal record checks (BCII and FBI background checks) and are responsible for fingerprinting expenses. Students must declare and document misdemeanor and/or felony offenses that occur prior to admission to the nursing program and/or during program progression. In compliance with Ohio Revised Code 4723-7, conviction will result in denial of admission to the program or dismissal after matriculation.

Q:    How do I know if all of my application materials have been received?

A:    It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor the status of their applications. You will need to login to your NursingCAS web application to check the receipt of your documents by NursingCAS. To check your Graduate application status, visit Once logged in, simply click on your application to check the status.

Q:    How should I expect to learn about my admission status?

A:    The notification will come in a letter from The University of Toledo College of Graduate Studies.

Questions about Distance and eLearning (online)

Q:    Can I take CNL courses online?

A:    All classes meet traditionally on campus except for Introduction to Biostatistical Methods.

Questions about Plans of Study, Progression through the Major, and Advising

Q:    Is part-time study available?

A:    No. The CNL program is designed to be a full-time program.

Q:    Must I complete the prerequisite courses before applying to the CNL program?

A:    Applicants may be currently enrolled in a prerequisite class or classes during the application process; however, all prerequisite classes must be completed prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Please address this in your personal goal statement. Also, contact the Graduate Nursing Advisor at 419.383.5810 to discuss.

Q:    How “old” can my prerequisite course work be?

A:    Currently there are no time restrictions on prerequisite courses. Please remember that Anatomy and Physiology is heavily focused on in the CNL program.

Q:    How long will it take to complete the CNL program?

A:    The CNL program is 2 years (5 semesters) in length. This includes one summer. Admission is one time per year in the fall.

Q.    What grades are required for progression in the CNL major?

A:    Students are encouraged to strive for very good grades. The faculty in the College of Nursing have established the grade of ‘B’ as the minimum acceptable grade for all courses with prefix of NURS. More specific information can be found in The University of Toledo College of Nursing graduate handbook at

Q:    Is there a standard grading scale for courses within the College of Nursing?

A:    No, each faculty member publishes the grading scale within the syllabus of the course. Please review the syllabus carefully for this information.

Q:    Can I work full-time and successfully complete graduate course requirements?

A:    The CNL program is designed to be full-time with limited time for outside employment. We recommend that you confer with the College of Nursing Graduate Advisor regarding your specific situation.

Q:    Are accommodations available if I have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

A:    The University will make reasonable academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students should contact Student Disability Services, Rocket Hall 1820; 419.530.4981;

Q:    Are tutors available for graduate students in the College of Nursing?

A:    Yes, tutoring is a service provided at no additional charge to all registered students on the HSC. Services are covered as a part of the student fees. For more information, contact the Academic Enrichment Center at 419.383.6118.

Questions about Financial Aid

Q:    How do I seek financial aid?

A:    Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA form and to meet with financial advisors on the UT Health Science Campus. If students do qualify for federal student aid, they must be enrolled half-time in the fall, spring, and summer, and hold regular admission status. Please check our web site at for more information.

This information is available in alternative format upon request. Please contact the Office of Student Services at 419.383.5810 to make a request. Requests may also be emailed to or faxed to 419.383.5894. Advanced notice is required in order for the material to be available at the event. The amount of time varies on format requested and length of the material, so please call as far ahead as possible.     
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