College of Nursing

Jennifer DeVries, D.N.P., RN, NP-C

Photo of Dr. Jennifer DeVries

Assistant Professor
Education D.N.P., Wilkes University
Post-master's certificate FNP, The University of Toledo
M.S.N., The University of Toledo
B.S., Heidelberg

Population Focus Primary care of infants through geriatrics
Clinical Interests

Care of the complex patient in primary care,
Opioid use and misuse,
Pathophysiology of disease,
Role of the DNP in healthcare,
Reducing polypharmacy in geriatrics,
Improving work satisfaction for nurse practitioners

Clinical Practice Family Nurse Practitioner practicing in Primary Care
Research/Evidence Based Practice

Investigating the role of cardiovascular disease in women and its impact on sexual function

Covid-19 impact on Marfan's Syndrome and Aortic Dissection

Affiliations/Community Service
Editorial Board of Journal for Vascular Nurses
Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses
American Association of Advanced Practice Nurses
Coach for "Girls on the Run" ,
St. Mark's Lutheran Church Council

2022 Prism Award Outstanding Graduate Entry Masters in Nursing Faculty, The University of Toledo College of Nursing

Nominated for 2022 OAAPN Award for Excellence , Ohio Associated of Advanced Practice Nurses

2021 Prism Award Outstanding CNL Faculty, University of Toledo, College of Nursing

Nominated for 2021 Outstanding Advisor Award, The University of Toledo, College of Nursing

Nominated for 2020 OOAPN Award of Excellence

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Last Updated: 7/15/24