College of Nursing

Karen L. Hoblet, Ph.D., M.S.N., RN, CNL

Associate Professor
Interests Human Trafficking Awareness
Principles of Community
Quality and Safety
Healthcare Costs
Product Line Management
Teaching Specialty/Interests Nursing administration, leadership and management
Community/population health
Occupational, incarcerated population health
Product line management, healthcare systems/costs
 Affiliations/Service Serve on the Boards: Northwest Ohio Nurses Association (NONA), Sigma Zeta Theta Chapter-at-Large, Athena Career Academy, Advocating Opportunities
University: Graduate Curriculum Committee
College: Chairperson, Program Assessment Committee
Education Ph.D., The University of Toledo
M.S.N., Medical College of Ohio
B.S.N., The University of Toledo 
Publication Highlights Six Principles of Community and Relationship to Crime
Human Trafficking Awareness
Field Experience Opportunities for Capstone Students Human Trafficking Awareness
Assessment of a Leadership Trial Model
Environmental Aesthetics and Healing, Health, and Well-being
Competence as Nurse
Healthcare Product Cost; Improving Quality and Safety
Last Updated: 10/17/19