College of Nursing

Liz Grothaus, M.S.N., RN, CNS

Interests Community & Population Health
Adult Health
Orthopedics and Care of the Home-bound Elderly
Veterans Health
Teaching Specialty/Interests Community Health/Population Health
Adult Health
Nurse Theory
RN-BSN Online Teaching
Quality Matters
Competency-based education
Home care
 Affiliations/Service Sigma Theta Tau

M.S.N., Medical College of Toledo
B.S.N., Bowling Green State University

Publication Highlights
Pierce, L.; Steiner, V; Pitzen, and Grothaus, E. Caregivers' experience: bimonthly participation in a year -long research interview process. J Neruosicence Nursing 2009 41(4):225-32.
Last Updated: 10/17/19