College of Nursing

Robert Topp, Ph.D., RN

Interests Health promotion and symptom management through exercise, diet, relaxation and other behavioral health interventions.
Current Research Grants and Programs

Slaski, J. (PI) Topp, R. (Co-I) Feasibility and usability of a web and mobile-based platform for neck and low back pain participants. NIH, SBIR R43 Phase I Support to Sport & Spine Research Institute and Robert Topp, $215,505 (In Review).

Topp, R. (PI) A Multi-site Project to Assess the Efficacy of the First Step to Pain Relief Kit. Performance Health, $27,000 (Funded)

Slaski, J. (PI) Topp, R. (Co-I) The Effect of Theraworx/[pH]uel on night-time cramps and spasm symptoms Avadim Technologies Support to Sport & Spine Research Institute and Robert Topp, $49,575 (Funded)

Slaski, J. (PI) Topp, R. (Co-I) Pain and functioning following injection of stem cell derived chrondrocytes Stem Cell Clinics of North America Support to Sport & Spine Research Institute and Robert Topp, $45,500 (Funded)

Teaching Specialty/Interests Research Methods
Health Promotion 
Health Behavior Change
Affiliations/Service MNRS member since 1984
MNRS Foundation Treasurer & Secretary
Education Post Doctoral Fellowship, The University of Pennsylvania (Geriatric Medicine)
Ph.D., The Ohio State University (Exercise Physiology & Health Education)
M.S.N., University of Cincinnati
B.S.N., University of Toledo
Publication Highlights

Topp R, Etnoyer-Slaski J, Sterling H, Greenstein J, Bishop B. (2018) Management of Chronic Neck and/or Low Back Pain With a Multimodal Nonpharmacological Pain Relief Kit. Journal of Performance Health Research, 2(1);1-9.

Topp, R., Sterling, H. & Etnoyer-Slaski, J., (2018) The effect of a topical homeopathic solution on nocturnal leg cramps and associated symptoms. Integrative Journal of Nursing & Health, 1(1): 25-34.

Topp, R., Bratt, M., Hershberger, P. (2017) Answering Wicked Questions: Dealing with Opposing Truths as a Nursing Associate Professor. Western Journal of Nursing Research. 39(6), 733–744.

Conn, V.S., Anderson, C.M., Killion, C., Bowers, B., Wyman, J.F., Herrick, L.M., Zerwic, J.J., Smith, C.E., Cohen, M.Z., Benefield, L.E. and Topp, R., (2018). Launching Successful Beginnings for Early Career Faculty Researchers. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 40(2), 153-174.

Last Updated: 1/24/20