College of Nursing

Placement Tests


The College of Nursing requires one Mathematics course, MATH 2600 Introduction to Statistics

  • Students with an ACT Math score of 20, SAT Math score of 510 (new) or 480 (old) or higher  will be placed into MATH 2600 and DO NOT need to take placement test or pre-requisite course, MATH 1200.
  • Students with ACT Math scores lower than 20 or SAT Math scores lower than 510 (new) or 480 (old) may take an online math placement test (ALEKS) OR choose to take MATH 1200 Math Modeling & Problem Solving (pre-requisite for MATH 2600).
  • The ALEKS placement test is available online at  The cost is $20 paid directly to ALEKS. 

    Learn more about the ALEKS placement test here. 


The College of Nursing requires students take CHEM 1120 Chemistry for Health Sciences

  • Students that are a direct from high school student with at least 1 year of chemistry are strongly encouraged to take the “Chemistry for Health Sciences Placement Test”.
  • Students that do not want to take the placement test will be placed in CHEM 1110 Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences (pre-requisite for CHEM 1120).
  • Students who have NOT completed at least a year of high school chemistry will be required to take CHEM 1110 Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences.
  • Students with transfer credit equivalents for CHEM 1110, CHEM 1120, OR a CHEM AP Score of 4 or higher DO NOT have to take placement test.
  • The Chemistry for Health Sciences Placement Test is only available at the Main Campus Test Center (Memorial Field House 1080, phone: 419.530.2011). There is no fee.  Due to COVID-19 students are not able to come to campus at this time to take the placement test.  Please check back to this website for further updates.

    Students attending an on-campus orientation program (Rocket Launch or Rocket Transition) should take required placement tests, no later than, the day before their program date. No testing will be allowed on the day of orientation. 

    QUESTIONS: Please contact the Undergraduate Nursing Advising office at 419.530.2673.


Last Updated: 3/26/20