The Division of Institutional Advancement 


Q. Many people feel that the state should meet all the needs of its universities.  Is the State meeting its obligation to higher education?
A. Since the 1970's the percentage of state support to higher education has fallen from 70% to 30%. As a result, the student share of the cost of education has risen from 30% to 70%. As the Institution struggles with the challenge of decreasing state funding, it is committed to continuing to make higher education accessible to students. Private support provides the critical edge of excellence by supporting scholarships to assist students in meeting their educational goals.

Q. Why should I support UT?
A. As state support drops and tuition rises private support to the University plays a more critical role than ever before. Scholarship support provides deserving students with the opportunity to meet and exceed their educational and career goals. Endowments to support research that provide breakthroughs in technology, new forms of energy, better ways to teach, and our environment serve Northwest Ohio, the State and the nation. Endowments in the arts enhance the learning experience for our students and add to the cultural vitality of our community. Private support to the University of Toledo provides the edge of excellence for our students as they compete in the global market place.

Q. What can I do to make a difference?
A. The University, through the UT Foundation has over 500 endowed funds that support scholarships, programs, departments, colleges. Additionally, funds are created to support areas of need from intercollegiate athletics to the libraries. Your gift can have a positive impact across the University.

Q. Can I specify how my gift will be used?
A. Yes. You may designate your gift to any area of the university. Donors may direct their gifts to a particular college, program, scholarship or any special initiative. As important, you may split your gift among one or more areas to maximize the impact.

Q. Why are unrestricted gifts important?
A. Unrestricted gifts provide the university with the opportunity to direct your support to an area of greatest need. These unrestricted funds provide maximum flexibility to the president to address immediate needs or to fund new initiatives as opportunities arise. Unrestricted gifts may be made to any college, program, department, or unit.

Q. What is a matching gift?
A. Many companies encourage their employees to make gifts by matching those gifts. If you are employed by a company that matches gifts to higher education your gift may be matched, doubled or sometimes tripled. Please contact your personnel or human resources department regarding your company's matching gifts procedures or visit our Matching Gifts page.

Q. Can I make a gift by credit card?
A. Yes. Simply click on To Make a Gift and follow the instructions.

Q. Where should I send a gift?
A. Checks should be mailed to the University of Toledo Foundation, 2801 Bancroft Avenue Toledo, OH  43606. Please make checks payable to the University of Toledo Foundation.

Last Updated: 3/22/15