Office of Institutional Research




The Office of Institutional Research is available to conduct surveys for departments, offices and organizations for administrative purposes. For assistance, check our support services.

Faculty and Staff conducting academic research should contact the IRB office.

As of June 1st 2020, the University of Toledo has a new Survey policy  which applies to all Internal Surveys. 

Internal Survey Policy Rationale

Our Students, Faculty and Staff are often targets of numerous surveys administered by various administrative offices and faculty or students conducting research. While these surveys are very important for research and administrative purposes, poor coordination and oversampling of our University population creates frustration and causes survey fatigue. This erodes the survey response rate and consequently reduces validity of the results.

Toledo’s survey committee was re-established in 2016 to develop a process to coordinate all major surveys on campus. The survey committee consists of members from Institutional Research, the Provost office, Institutional Review Board, Government relations and Faculty.

Once a new process was established the committee decided in 2019 that a policy would help clarify the purpose and scope for this process to increase the response rates.

The survey committee has key members which can assist with survey design, survey administration and selecting small random samples to yield higher response rates.

Last Updated: 8/24/20