Department of Internal Audit and Compliance

Institutional Compliance Team

Picture of David L. Cutri

David L. Cutri

Title: Executive Director and Chief Compliance Officer
Office:  SH0118A
Phone: 419.530.8718
Fax: 419.530.3035
Mail Stop: 532

Enjie Hall

enjie hall

Title: Director, Campus Accessibility and Disability Resources and Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Officer
Office: RH1820, Mail Stop 342
Phone: 419.530.2522
Fax: 419.530.6137
Meet Enjie's staff in Accessibility and Disability Resources

Sue Hochberg New Picture

Chris Evans

Title: UTMC Compliance Specialist
Office: SH0117B
Phone: 419.530.6293
Fax: 419.530.3035
Mail Stop: 532

brian lutz

Brian Lutz

Title:  Senior Associate Athletic Director, Compliance
Office:  SV4360, Mail Stop 302
Phone:  419.530.8496
Fax:   419.530.4428
Brian's page for athletics
 Elliott Nickeson Clery Act Compliance Officer

Elliott Nickeson

Title: Assistant Director, Institutional Compliance
Office: SH0112
Phone: 419.530.3026
Mail Stop 532


C'Shalla parker

Title:   University Privacy Officer
Office:  MLB048
Phone:  419.383.4270
Fax:      419.383.2914
Mail Stop:  1089
Kenneth Schank

Kenneth Schank

Title:  Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance
Office:  SV4110, Mail Stop 302
Phone:  419.530.8493
Fax:   419.530.4428

Last Updated: 5/18/22