University Marketing and Communications

Fueling Tomorrows
The brand campaign tells the story of who The University of Toledo is and where the University is headed.

Brand Launch

Fueling Tomorrows exists beyond a tagline — it's a framing device and foundational narrative.

Goal: Create a bold, nationally recognized brand for UToledo
Marketing objectives:

  • Change Attitudes – Create a renewed sense of enthusiasm and pride for UToledo
  • Build a Stronger Brand – Build brand loyalty and affinity through personal stories
  • Expanded Vision – Develop a nationally recognizable brand that is bold, confident and aspirational, supporting our Vision and Strategic Plan

Audience: Public
Strategy: Rooted in market research and data driven, the new UToledo brand campaign focuses on seven attributes that encompass The University of Toledo: focused, determined, inquisitive, supportive, innovative, community-minded and impactful.
Partners: Key communicators, Madhouse Creative, LLC.

Brand Guide




Brand Guide






Last Updated: 2/17/21