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Photo and Film Release Form

When a Release is Typically Required

A release is generally required if students or others (except UT faculty/staff) are:

  • The primary focus of a photograph taken in a non-public space, are recognizable, and have been recruited specifically to serve as subjects/models. (This includes the students who sign up to be models for the viewbook.)
  • Minors. It is important to obtain a signed release for minors. Exceptions may include: public events, such as athletic events. In the absence of a signed release, verbal permission from the parent or guardian is advised.
  • Current students, identifiable, and in a location for a specific purpose other than being photographed. For example, if a group of current students is studying in the library and you want to take a photograph of the group studying, a release/consent form or verbal consent should be obtained from each subject/model.

Photo and Film Release Form

When a Release is Not Typically Required

A release is generally not required if students or others are:

  • Photographed in a public space or at public events where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, including but not limited to: sporting events, Student Convocation, Commencement. These types of photographs include general “campus scene” photos.
  • The primary focus of the photograph taken in a non-public environment and are not recognizable, such as when a silhouette, back view, or out of focus shot is taken.
  • UToledo faculty or staff.
  • Invited to attend a group activity/event and chose to participate of their own free will (speaker series, student-led discussion forums)
  • In a classroom or lab environment where the photography has been requested by the faculty member, department, college, or other appropriate agent of the University.


Last Updated: 6/27/22