University Marketing and Communications

White Coat Application

Placement and Styling on White Coats

White Coat Logo

In single lines, centered

  • Staff member name and credential
  • Department and/or
  • Division and/or
  • Subspecialty


  • Alright Normal LP Regular
  • Upper/lower case
  • Align center employee name and credentials with the UTMC logo

Logo Usage

  • Recommended minimum height of UT shield is .5"

Credential punctuation

  • Use periods for degrees, such as M.D., Ph.D.
  • Do not use periods for certifications, such as NP-C, RN, PA.


  • 100/70/0/40 CMYK
  • 1/62/126 RGB
  • #003E7E Hex
  • Pantone 294
  • Isacord thread #3644 or equivalent

Insignia is positioned

  • on the right chest area, visually align with the top of the pocket on the left chest
  • centered left-right

White Coat Example
Last Updated: 6/27/22