Office of University Marketing and Communications

Video Creation

If you are considering a video, we recommend that you set up a meeting with your college or office marketing strategist to begin the conversation around video creation. They will bring the video team into the conversation. If you do not have a marketing strategist or do not know who it is, contact us directly.

Videos of strategic significance will be produced and used by the Office of Marketing and Communications at no cost to internal clients. If time allows, we are happy to create other videos for clients at an agreed-upon price. We will provide a quote after understanding the details of the request. Advance planning is required. Current video rates as of July 2017 are $100/hour for shooting video and editing video. All videos are shot on cinema-quality Canon technology and delivered digitally in UHD. Video content is hosted by The University of Toledo and archived. 

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Last Updated: 6/30/19