Office of Quality and Continuous Learning


The Office of Quality and Continuous Learning was created following the merger of The University of Toledo with the Medical University of Ohio.  This was a time of great opportunity and change for both the Main Campus and the Health Science Campus.  UT leadership, faculty and staff continue to integrate the many complex business processes and procedures in order to fulfill the vision of an institution of excellence.  As the newly merged institution found itself in unprecedented territory, it became clear that it was also the ideal time to address many continuous improvement, change and learning initiatives that parallel the journey to becoming a distinguished institution of excellence in higher learning.

Dr. Thomas Gutteridge, the former Dean of the College of Business and Innovation, and William Logie, Vice President of Human Resources and Campus Safety, now retired, recognizing the need to address continuous improvement and learning opportunities,  proposed the creation of the Office of Quality and Continuous Learning through collaboration between the UT Administration Office and the College of Business and Innovation.  The collaboration was approved and created with the larger vision of including all areas of campus resources and services by the OQCL, beginning with those of COBI.  The goals of the OQCL are to create a collaborative continuous improvement atmosphere at UT and raise the overall standards of performance, productivity, accountability and customer satisfaction, including that of students, patients and UT stakeholders. 

Last Updated: 2/23/21