Office of the Provost

Academic Honors Committee

The Academic Honors Committee administers the call for nominations, evaluation and recommendation of individuals for UToledo's Distinguished Professorships and Honorary Degree recipients:

  • The Distinguished University Professorship recognizes outstanding research/scholarship, teaching and professional service accomplishments. This honor is the highest recognition The University of Toledo faculty can receive.

  • Honorary degrees are awarded to recognize individuals for extraordinary accomplishments and contributions that are aligned with the mission of the institution.

Academic Honors Committee

3-Year Term   Term Expires
Robert Blumenthal Professor of Medical Microbiology & Immunology, DUP (COMLS) Fall 2023
Eric Chaffee Professor of Law, DUP (LW) Fall 2023
Peter Andreana Professor of Chemistry & BioChemistry (NSM) Fall 2023
Ashkok Kumar Professor of Civil and Environmental  Engineering, DUP (EN) Fall 2023
Mohammad Elahinia Professor of Mechanical Engineering, DUP (EN) Fall 2023
2-Year Term   Term Expires
Rebecca Schneider Professor of Science Education & Associate Dean  (JHCOE) Fall 2021
Chris Cooper Professor and Dean, DUP (COMLS) Fall 2021
Heidi Appel Professor and Dean (Hon) Fall 2021
Eileen Walsh Professor of Nursing (Nu) Fall 2021
Melissa Gregory Professor of English and Associate Dean (AL) Fall 2021
1-Year Term   Term Expires
Revthy Kumar Professor of Educational Psychology, (JHCOE)  Fall 2021
Youssef Sari Professor of Pharmacology (PH) Fall 2021
Ceilia Wiliamson Professor of Social Work, DUP (HHS) Fall 2021
Monica Holiday-Goodman Professor of Pharmacy Practice & Accociate Dean Fall 2021
Miggy Hopkins Professor of Management, (COBI) Fall 2021
Co-Chairs Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Amy Thompson, PhD 
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Cyndee Gruden, PhD

 Timeline for Academic Honors Committee Activities:

Membership in Academic Honors Committee (AHC)

  • April each year: AHC membership reviewed and a call to the Provost/faculty senate for appointment/election of any needed new members starting fall of that year. 

Nominations of new Distinguished University Professors (DUP)

  • October 30,2020: Deadline for submissions, excluding external support materials.

  • December 2020: Committee recommendations submitted to the Provost

Questions may be addressed to the Provost Office, or to members of the Academic Honors Committee.

Honorary Degree Nominations

  • Upon receipt of nominations from the President/Dean, documents for candidates will be sent by email to all AHC members for review.
  • The vote on nominees can be by email or at a meeting called for this purpose.  It may also occur during a meeting to review nominees for DUP consideration or renewals. 
Last Updated: 10/14/20