University of Toledo - Assessment of Student Learning

University Assessment Committee

University Assessment Committee Charge

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) is responsible for the design and implementation of the institutional assessment process. Through liaisons designated by the colleges and student support service units responsible for co-curricular offerings, the UAC evaluates assessment activity at the program level, and provides feedback to faculty, staff members, and administrators. Specifically, the UAC will:

    • Review assessment information aggregated from multiple sources and make recommendations to the Provost to inform institution’s decision-making, strategic planning, and budgeting processes
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the overall assessment process, and initiate changes to improve the system
    • Communicate with University senior leadership and the campus community regarding assessment policies and activities
    • Collaborate with the Faculty Senate Committee on the Core Curriculum, responsible for the assessment of the core curriculum
    • Offer professional development on best practices in assessment
    • Recognize substantial individual and group contributions to improve the culture of assessment
    • Lead the development of learning assessment policies at UT

The UAC is supported by the Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Program Review to fulfill the following functions:

    • Serve as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of information on student learning and assessment
    • Lead professional development for faculty and staff in the use of assessment tools
    • Provide documentation for accreditation as requested
    • Facilitate and maintain the process by which assessment data are collected, analyzed, and shared throughout the campus community
    • Develop and reinforce the culture of assessment at all levels of the institution as a reflection of best practice in higher education
    • Maintain the assessment website and assessment tracking tool

Revised and approved by the Provost: June 11, 2020


Assessment is the ongoing collection of data that measures student learning in order to inform continuous improvement decisions.

Student Learning Outcomes
are statements that describe the desired knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that students take with them from a learning experience - what students should know, think, and be able to do upon completion of an academic or co-curricular program.


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