Office of the Provost

Faculty Professional Development Fund

The Office of the Provost is accepting requests from individual faculty to support their professional development.

The primary goal of the Faculty Professional Development Fund is to enhance the overall reputation and performance of our faculty and our institution.

These funds will be awarded to faculty primarily for the purpose of supporting faculty travel and costs associated with presentations at conferences and meetings as well as those associated with the publication of scholarly work.  Funding should be requested as either a supplement to department and college funding or after those funds are exhausted.. Other activities, besides travel, which would serve to enhance faculty performance and reputation will also be considered.

To request funding, you should:

  • Submit a letter describing the professional development opportunity and how this opportunity is aligned with the purpose of these awards as described above.
  • If you are requesting funds to support a presentation at a conference or meeting, you should include a copy of your acceptance letter or email.
  • An expense budget for the opportunity highlighting the dollar amount you are requesting to be funded from the Provost's Office should be included. Other sources of support, including funds from department and college, should also be noted. Please note if you have already exhausted your department and college funding.
  • If you are requesting funding associated with publication, information about the total cost of publishing, your acceptance letter or email from the editor, and the dollar amount you are requesting from the Provost’s Office should be provided.

Note: Faculty Professional Development funding will only be awarded once per fiscal year, per faculty member, and applications and materials must be received at least 30 days prior to travel.

Upon the conclusion of the professional development activity, travel or publication, receipts should be submitted to the Provost’s Office. The funds will then be transferred from the Provost’s Office to your department index, up to the amount awarded. Receipts must be received within 60 days of your travel dates, or of the date the payment associated with publication was made. If receipts are not received within 60 days, the awarded funds will be forfeited.

Requests for these professional development awards as well as receipts, which will initiate the transfer of any awarded funds, should be submitted to:

Barbara Schneider, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development

Interoffice Mail Stop 939

Award notifications will be provided within approximately four weeks. Submissions will be accepted throughout the fiscal year.

Last Updated: 1/23/20