Office of Faculty Labor Relations and Academic Inclusion

Office of Faculty Labor Relations and Academic Inclusion

UHallThe Office of Faculty Labor Relations and Academic Inclusion staff work closely with UT Human Resources, the Provost's Office, and the Deans of each College to resolve issues that affect faculty members.

Our staff is committed to working with the University of Toledo chapter of the AAUP and all levels of the administration to ensure fair and equitable treatment of faculty members.               

Specifically, the office addresses issues related to the following:

Unconscious Bias

All humans are biased. Even those with the best of intentions behave in biased ways without ever realizing it. It's why top companies have invested in unconscious bias training for their employees. We invite you to bring your team together to take a few diversity and inclusion courses and start a discussion. Learn more.

  • LESSON ONE  |  8 MIN  |  Eliminate Discrimination in Recruitment
  • LESSON TWO  |  3 MIN  |  Equality & Diversity
  • LESSON THREE | 7 MIN  |  Unconscious Bias in Leadership Theories 


Last Updated: 6/8/21