Health Science Affairs

Assistance with Food/Hunger

The University of Toledo is here to help students who may find themselves dealing with a shortage of food from time to time due to unexpected expenses, or other issues.  Following are some University resources and some tips and tricks to help those in need:

University Resources

The University of Toledo Food Pantry:

Located in the Student Union on the Main Campus

Student Food Pantry

Everyone needs a little help sometimes! If you're a current UT student then you're eligible to use the food pantry. 

Now in the high-traffic area off the Student Union’s main entrance, the Student Food Pantry in room 2504 across from the Commuter Lounge offers students convenient access to donated meals and snacks.

Map of Main Campus

Student Union Map Insert

The student union is located in the center of Main Campus next to the Carlson Library.  From the Health Science Campus, you can take the Health Science Campus shuttle to the Transportation Center on the Main Campus.  From there, change buses to the Gold Loop shuttle to take you to the Student Union.  For more information on the bus schedules (which may change by semester), please visit the Transit Services website.



 Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Find scholarly lectures open to students that offer refreshments.
  • Attend or volunteer at community events that offer refreshments.

 Talk to your advisor!


Last Updated: 8/2/18