Health Science Affairs

Studying, Writing, and Tutoring Assistance

The University of Toledo wants you to be successful in your program.  Graduate level coursework is very demanding and much different than coursework at the undergraduate level.  In some cases, study habits used prior to your graduate/professional courses may not seem to work.  Following are resources to help you understand how to study the best way to fit your, as well as University Resources in place to assist with studying, writing, and tutoring if necessary.

University Resources
  • The Academic Enrichment Center
    • The  Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) provides academic support services for students in the Health Science professional programs by facilitating student engagement and collaboration, fostering self directed learning, and providing resources which contribute to student academic success.
    • Check out our website for support for specific Health Science Campus programs
  • The Writing Center
    • The Writing Center is a free service open to UT students, staff, and faculty. We provide face-to-face tutoring for writers in all disciplines working on various types of writing projects. Come visit us on Main Campus to engage in a dialogue about YOUR ideas and how best to convey them!
  • Online Study Tools
  • Exam Master
    • Online Question Bank: An online national test bank of questions is available to all students on the Health Science Campus. Use your University of Toledo email to register for the test bank.
    • Quizlet's flashcards, tests, and study games all available on your mobile devices.
  • StudyBlue
    • Flashcards, notes, study guides, and quizzes to help you learn better, stress less, and save time.
      A huge content library with 350 million pieces of content created by students. Make content on the web, review them on the go - iPhone, iPad, Android. Learn anytime, anywhere.
Last Updated: 6/9/16