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From Your UT Peers
(Excerpts from a student survey of graduate students who recently completed their first semester of graduate school):

  • Question:  What was the biggest adjustment/transition you had to make during your first semester of graduate school?
    • "Adjusting to the increased workload including study habits and time management"
    • "Being able to focus for hours and hours and hours on end"
    • "Having to spend a lot more time studying throughout, rather than soon before an exam"
    • "I had to keep on top of the material and give myself more than a week to study"
    • "I struggled to get involved on campus.  As a graduate student, I wanted to become more involved in organizations since I am coming from a different college."
    • "Improving study habits and improving time management"
    • "Learning a new facility/campus"
    • "Learning to management time and stress to be successful"
    • "Life balance"
    • "Learning how to organize notes a lot better"
    • "It was an adjustment to have to study a little bit every day instead of waiting to study in a couple sittings before an exam"
    • "study habits, time management, eating healthy, finding time to exercise"
    • "The biggest adjustment I had to make was being able to budget my time wisely.  There were many weeks were I would have to study for two exams at a time, and so starting early would have helped me greatly"
    • "The biggest adjustment I had to make would be my study habits.  I had to learn how to study everyday right after class or else I would feel behind in my classes."
    • "The volume of material presented each week and managing to stay on top if it"
    • "Work, school, and home/life balance with 2 kids at home"

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