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Spring 2023 Special Course Expectations During COVID-19 and Flu Season

Maintaining a safe campus during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and flu season remains a top priority. UToledo continues to follow the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Ohio Department of Health to keep our campus safe.


The University of Toledo has a missed class policy. It is important that students and instructors discuss attendance requirements for the course. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or who is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or the flu should not come to campus until symptoms abate. It is recommended that the student do a self-administered COVID test or contact their primary healthcare provider or the University Health Center at 419.530.3451 or Health Science Campus Student Health and Wellness Center at 419.383.5000 to be treated. Free Over the Counter COVID-19 tests are available at various locations across both campuses including, many residence halls at the main desk, both Rec. Centers, and the Student Affairs Office in the Student Union. For more information on the symptoms of COVID-19, along with the differences of flu vs. COVID-19  please click link for the latest CDC guidelines on symptoms and testing.  

Testing is available for students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 on both Main Campus and Health Science Campus. On Main Campus, no appointment is needed. Symptomatic students should go the University Health Center, door 2 at the front of the building and call 419.530.3451 to notify the staff. You will be immediately let into the sick area for COVID testing. On the Health Science Campus, symptomatic COVID testing is done at UTMC by appointment only, call 419.383.4545 for an appointment.

Absences due to testing positive for COVID-19 are considered excused absences. Students should notify their instructors and follow the protocols summarized in this document on Navigating COVID-Related Course Concerns. If a student has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, they should wear a mask for 10 days and test at day 5, but they DO NOT have to quarantine and can still attend classes. Click here for the most up to date CDC Exposure Guidelines.

In the event that you have tested positive for COVID-19 please review the CDC guidance on isolation and precautions for people with COVID-19, and report the disclosure to the Division of Student Affairs by emailing or by connecting with their on-call representative at 419.343.9946. Disclosure is voluntary and will only be shared on a need-to-know basis with staff such as in the Office of Student Advocacy and Support, The Office of Residence Life, and/or the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources to coordinate supportive measures or to assist the student as needed. 


Face coverings are currently not required while on campus, but students should feel free to wear them as risk of exposure to individuals with COVID, the flu, or other respiratory illnesses is ongoing. To maintain campus safety the health experts on campus will continue to monitor the situation as infection rates fluctuate, and changes to this policy may be made after consulting CDC and County Health Department guidelines.

Face masks ARE required at UTMC (including the cafeteria) and in all University clinics including the Main Campus Health Clinic Building. Health science students must also follow all COVID and other health requirements of the particular clinical settings in which they have clinical experiences.


To promote and protect the health and safety of our campus, the University requires all students and employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved exemption. Students new to UToledo are required to be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption within eight weeks of the first day of classes in their first semester.

Full vaccination is defined as having received all recommended doses in the primary COVID-19 vaccination series. Proof of vaccination should be shared through the University's secure vaccine registry portal. Exemption request forms also can be downloaded and submitted through the portal. The University is strongly encouraging all members of the campus community to receive a COVID-19 booster shot when eligible.

Students can receive a COVID-19 vaccine on Main Campus at the Main Campus Pharmacy and on Health Science Campus at the outpatient pharmacy in the UTMC Medical Pavilion. For more information, call the Main Campus pharmacy at 419.530.3471 or the UTMC outpatient pharmacy at 419.383.3750.


It’s important to note, that based on the unpredictability of the COVID-19 virus, things can change at any time. So please be patient and understanding as we move through the semester. Please refer to on a regular basis for updates to current requirements or mandates. I also ask that you keep me informed of concerns you may have about class, completing course work/assignments timely and/or health concerns related to COVID.

Last Updated: 1/11/23