Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar Contact Information & Staff Directory

Rocket Hall - Suite 1100
Phone:  419.530.4844
Fax:  419.530.4828

Refer to the following contact information for the various functional areas within our office:

Administrative Staff
Name Phone Title
Terence Romer 419.530.7804 University Registrar
Caryl Liber 419.530.4840 Associate Registrar
Jamie Daughton 419.530.4851 Associate Registrar


Degree Audit and Transfer Credit Systems
Name Phone Responsibility
Katie Lupica-Ewsuk 419.530.4841 Director of Transfer Credit Evaluation
Amal Abdullah 419.530.4860 Curriculum Systems Analyst
Mark Falcone 419.530.4857 Transfer Credit Analyst


Information Systems
Name Phone Responsibility
VACANT 419.530.4836 NCAA Athletic Eligibility Certification and reporting; FERPA; Data Custodian for Banner Student Modules
Tricia Mattson 419.530.4867 NCAA Eligibility Compliance and reporting; Club Sports


Registration/Scheduling and Graduation
Name Phone Responsibility
Joyce Garber 419.530.4843 Classroom space requests, concurrent enrollment registration (BGSU-Undergraduate), course inventory, seminars, web & phone registration and/or issues
Tasha Woodson 419.530.4856
Sherlette Hobbs 419.530.4829 Graduation, Degree Verifications, Replacement Diploma Orders 


Student Services
Name Phone Responsibility
Service Center (RSC) 419.530.4844 Student registration; add/drops; withdrawals; enrollment verifications; seminar requests; name, address, and e-mail changes; on-demand transcripts, loan deferments


Student Records
Name Phone Responsibility
Vacant 419.530.4837

Administrative Adjustments and Medical Drops/Withdrawals Banner changes, Readmissions, and Registration

Vacant 419.530.4845 Transcripts (UT & transient students), requests for course descriptions, requests for hardcopy University transcripts
Recorded instructions on how to obtain a transcript at 419.530.2704
Annette Johnson 419.530.4835 Academic forgiveness, CLEP, Co-op/concurrent transcripts (BGSU/MUO), credit by exam, grade posting/changes/deletions, portfolio credit, Social Security Number changes, name changes
Last Updated: 3/23/15