Office of the Registrar

Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

1. Student applies to UT and sends all official transcripts to The University of Toledo

2. Course work is entered from the official transcript onto the student’s new University of Toledo record

3. Courses then follow one of two paths:

 Arrow pointing down


Arrow pointing down

If the course work is already in the UT transfer system, the course and UT equivalency are posted directly to a student’s record. All the courses in the UT transfer system appear on Transferology.


If the student is the first person to transfer a course to UT,  the course is reviewed and evaluated for a UT equivalency. Until an equivalency is determined it will appear as TRAN CRED on the student's record.

4. Once UT equivalencies have been updated on the student’s record, our academic advisers can help students determine which courses fulfill requirements of their degree program.

5. If a student has questions about this process, please email

6. If a student has questions about how  transfer courses will apply to a new degree program, students should contact the college office associated with the major.

7. Transfer credits can be seen by running a Degree Audit.

At the University of Toledo we strive to provide the student with the best evaluation the first time. As a result, we may request, via email, a syllabus for review. At UT, we provide a course for course evaluation which will help prevent the student from taking any duplicate course work. However, we can only post transfer work to the student record if a grade has been recorded on official transcripts. If the student has in-progress course work at the time of application to UT, the student will need to submit a final transcript after all courses have been completed.  Be sure to mention these in-progress courses to the academic adviser. 




Last Updated: 6/30/19