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Benefits & Wellness: Working Together

The University of Toledo is committed to providing eligible employees a competitive, cost-effective and innovative employee benefits program.  The Benefits and Wellness team has designed the Be Well series to provide useful information so you can be a better consumer of UToledo benefits. Click on each month to learn more about the presentation.

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Presentation: Pharmacy Benefits Explained
Join the UToledo Outpatient Pharmacies for an overview of the pharmacy insurance coverage available to eligible UToledo employees, other services available, locations of the UToledo Pharmacies, and tips and tricks to save money on your prescriptions. There will also be time to schedule a 1:1, confidential pharmacy benefit overview to ensure you are maximizing your prescription savings.

Main Campus: Feb. 21, 12-1 p.m., Center for Administrative Support, Room 1030
Health Science Campus: Feb. 28, 12-1 p.m., Collier Building, Room 1035

Employees are asked to register for each presentation, using this registration form.  

Pharmacy Benefit Resources
HSC Silver or Bronze, Non-Union    AFSCME Silver or Bronze  Consumer Driven Health Plan  Main Campus Silver or Bronze UToledo Benefits 


February Be Well Tip: Take a break, take a breath
For more information on controlled breathing techniques view this article from WebMD.

Rocket Wellness, Office of Recreational Services and the Rocket Wellness Coalition have partnered to bring several mindfulness opportunities to the UToledo community.  “Mindfulness, or the ability to be in the moment and aware, is something that a lot of University of Toledo community members have been requesting programming on” said Andrea Masters, Assistant Director of Rocket Wellness. “It is important to offer tools and skills in order to reduce stress and build resiliency”. Be sure to visit the the UToledo Mindfulness Initiative webpage for ongoing campus programming.

UToledo Mindful Monday: Each Monday throughout the semester, a short video from Professor Jay will be released.  Each video will provide a quick mindfulness strategy to help students and employees work through various challenging times throughout the semester in a mindful manner. Be sure to subscribe and share the videos with your friends, colleagues and family! To view the videos, visit and subscribe to the Rocket Wellness YouTube channel.


** This program is postponed until further notice due to the ever evolving status of COVID-19 and the University's response to the situation. We will update the website as soon as new dates are determined.

March Be Well Tip: Unplug to Recharge

Unplug from your electronics to recharge your battery. If you need help with this, we encourage you to utilize our Employee Assistance Program website, Impact Solutions.  For resources related specifically to technology, click on this document to walk you through how to access appropriate articles. 

For additional information, check out the following articles via Harvard, The Surprising Side Effects from Using Technology and American Psychological Association, Connected and Content: Managing Healthy Technology Use 


Presentation: Staying Healthy with Healthy U
Healthy U, the UToledo employee wellness program, offers a variety of events and wellness opportunities throughout the year to help you on your personal wellness journey.  We invite you to come learn more information about Healthy U and our top 10 actions for improving your health.

Webinar Dates: April 17 from 12 -1 p.m. or April 24 from 12 -1 p.m.

In order to receive the webinar link, we ask employees to complete the registration form.  

Healthy U Resources

April Be Well Tip: Move a little, gain a lot
The health benefits of just 30 minutes of movement each day has huge rewards. Rewards such as improved cardiovascular fitness, reduce risk of death from cardiovascular disease, improved mobility, weight control and more.  The movement doesn't have to be intense or all at once.  This article from MayoClinic explains the requirements for movement in greater detail.  If you need some motivation to increase movement, we invite you to register for the Rocket Your Way Virtual 5K that will take place on April 15!


**This presentation is postponed until further notice.  We will reschedule this event once we return to campus**

Presentation: Ask the Expert Panel
UToledo Benefits, Wellness and Pharmacy teams are committed to helping eligible employees understand all that we have to offer and how to make their benefits work for them.  Rather than waiting until the next open enrollment period, bring your questions to this Ask the Expert Panel discussion and let our teams help you.

Main Campus: May 8, 12-1 p.m., Center for Administrative Support, Room 1050
Health Science Campus: May 15, 12-1 p.m., Collier Building, Room 1230


Presentation: Benefits Terms 101
Do you often get confused about the difference between copay, coinsurance, deductible, premium, etc.? If so, join the UToledo Benefits team to learn brief descriptions of basic terms related to health insurance.  This session will also include a brief overview of the three health plans offered by UToledo and some FAQs.

Health Science Campus: June 11, 12-1 p.m., Webex
Main Campus: June 18, 12-1 p.m., Webex

In order to receive the Webex link, please register using this registration form. 

The 2020 Benefits website has many documents and links that provide relevant information for all benefits plans.

Benefits 101 Presentation


Presentation: Health Savings Account and Consumer Driven Health Plan
The UToledo Blue Medical Plan is a Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), which is a type of health insurance plan that is linked to a Health Savings Account (HSA).  Participants of this session will receive an overview of the Blue Plan and how to make this type of health plan work for you.

July 16, 12-1 p.m., Webex*
July 23, 12-1 p.m., Webex*

Employees are asked to register for each presentation, using this registration form. 
*Registered participants will receive the webex link prior to the date of the presentation.

Check back here after the presentations for relevant resources. 

Health Savings Account and Consumer Driven Health Plan Presentation


Presentation: Appropriate Prevention Tests and Coverage
Prevention is an important piece to the puzzle of overall health.  The UToledo Benefits and Wellness team will discuss the recommended tests based on age and gender, as well as the tests that are covered under the Affordable Care Act. Participants will also learn coverage for these tests as they relate to the healthcare plans offered to eligible employees by UToledo. 

August 20, 12-1 p.m., Webex*
August 25, 12:30-1:30 p.m., Webex*

Employees are asked to register for each presentation, using this registration form. 
*Registered participants will receive the webex link prior to the date of the presentation.

Appropriate Prevention Tests and Coverage Presentation


Presentation: Telemedicine Center/On Demand Virtual Care plus COVID-19 vs Flu
Have you heard the buzz about telemedicine? Join this presentation to learn more about how this convenient service can help you stay healthy during the pandemic and beyond.  With flu season just around the corner, participants will also learn about the differences, signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of COVID-19 vs. flu.

Presented by:

  • Kristopher Brickman, MD, FACEP; Chief Physician Executive, Senior Associate Dean for Innovation, Director Office of Global Health, Professor Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Belinda Heywood, PA-C and Telemedicine lead clinical provider

September 11, 12 - 1 p.m., Webex*

Employees are asked to register for each presentation, using this registration form.
*Registered participants will receive the webex link prior to the date of the presentation.

 Telemedicine Center/Virtual Care Presentation COVID-19 vs Flu Presentation


Presentation: Annual Employee Benefits Fair
Employees are invited to attend the annual Employee Benefits Fair for a chance to discuss available benefits with our benefits vendors and learn more about 2021 benefit options.

Health Science Campus: TBD
Main Campus: TBD

This is a walk-in event.  No registration is required.


Presentation: Options for Retirement Benefits
It is never too early to be thinking about retirement. UToledo offers a variety of retirement benefits to eligible employees.  Attend this session to learn the most recent options and tips for a financially stable retirement.

Health Science Campus: TBD
Main Campus: TBD

Registration for this session isn't available at this time. 


Last Updated: 5/23/23