Wellness and Health Promotion

Stress Management

mindfulnessRocket Wellness offers a small group program that enables staff to identify individual stress management goals and provide tools to successfully meet those goals.

We provide education on various evidence-based stress management techniques and assist in developing individualized plans. Each session includes 30-45 minutes of education, followed by 15 minutes of Yoga (Download the Flyer).

Listed below is a brief outline of the 5 sessions.


  • Education and discussion on various types of coping
  • Identify individual coping responses
  • Develop personal plan to minimize effects of stress


  • Education on the benefits of positive psychology
  • Create a gratefulness journal
  •  Learn to counteract negative self-statements


  • Define Mindfulness
  • Increase awareness of times of mindlessness
  • Identify areas during the day for individual practice


  • Education on the benefits of progressive relaxation/diaphragmatic breathing
  • Provide participants with script to assist with practice
  • Guided relaxation exercise


  • Review various time management techniques
  • Assist participants in developing personalized time management plans

Currently, this program is offered for all departments within The University of Toledo. If this free program would be beneficial to your employees, contact Rocket Wellness at 419-383-2348 or rocketwellness@utoledo.edu.

Last Updated: 6/27/22