Student Disability Services

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Mission of Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) partners with students, faculty and staff to facilitate disability access essential to sustaining an inclusive campus experience. Access and accommodations ensure equal opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in all of the programs, activities and services designed to transform our students into the diverse community of leaders we count on to improve the human condition.


About Our Office

Each year, SDS serves hundreds of students across all disciplines and campuses who experience access barriers in the following areas: technological, physical, attitudinal or programmatic (academic, social or university-wide.) Disability related access issues might be connected to psychological, learning, mental health, chronic health, physical, sensory, temporary and/or other medical conditions.

We invite you to connect with our office by calling 419.530.4981 or emailing



Great news, students with testing accommodations! You are now able to customized the information in the accommodations memos to instructors by choosing specific alternative testing accommodations you plan to use.  In the past, alternative testing appeared only as a category that could be selected.

Last Updated: 1/9/20