Student Disability Services

Adaptive Software Tutorials

How to videos:

Step 1: Naming the file


 Step 2: Add Headers to the document


Step 3: Fix excessive spacing


Step 4: Creating Accessible Tables

Step 5: Adding Alt. Tags to Images

 Step 6: Fixing Links

 Step 7: Running the Accessibility Checker


Tutorials on how to make accessible material can be found at the following 2 sites:
Microsoft Word

Adobe Acrobat Pro


Advanced videos from the 2013 ADA Summit

Basics of Video Accessibility

Accessibility Evaluation Workshop (HTML)

The following videos are not closed captioned. However, a captioned version will forthcoming in the near term. If you need access to the video prior to a captioned version being posted please contact us at 419.530.4981419.530.4981.

Keynote Address

Academic Accommodations

Instituting IT Accessibility Workshop

Accessibility for Print Designers

Best Practices for Learning Content Accessibility

Word, PowerPoint, and PDF Accessibility


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