Student Services

Resources and Important Forms

Student Services will continually update this webpage with important forms and documents often utilized by our faculty advisers when meeting with students.  If you have recommendations on additional information that should be added on this page, please contact Adam Hintz, Director of Student Services (

Links to useful forms:

Academic Grievance (Website) (Form)

Banner ODS Request Form (for Banner Access)

Course Request Form

Faculty Adviser Verification- Change of College

GPA Recalculation Form

Graduation Process and Initiatives

Pass/No Credit Form

Petition for Academic Forgiveness

Transient Student Form


These forms can be found on the “Faculty/Advisor” tab in your myUT Portal:

Grade Change Form (now electronic workflow)

Registration Overrides


Guide on where forms should be submitted:

Forms to Student Services Office (UH 3000):

Academic Forgiveness (for undergraduates in A&L, NSM only)

Course Request Form (Undergraduate, A&L, NSM only)

GPA Recalculation Forms (otherwise known as Grade Deletion Forms) – For undergraduates in ANY colleges (*our courses only)

Pass/No Credit Forms (for undergraduates in A&L, NSM only)

Transient Student Forms (for undergraduates in A&L, NSM only)


Forms the Dean/Associate Deans Sign:

Any Course Request Forms for GRAD STUDENTS

Grade Change Forms (found on the Faculty/Adviser tab in myUT Portal- now electronic workflow)

Incomplete (or Incomplete Extension) Forms

Last Updated: 3/18/20