Student Services

Reinstatement Policy After Suspension



Spring 2019 Semester Reinstatement Application Deadline: November 15, 2018

Fall 2019 Semester Reinstatement Application Deadline: July 15, 2019

IMPORTANT: If you have attended another accredited institution/university (without written consent) since your suspension from UT, you MUST reapply as a transfer-readmit student through the Admissions Office:

Prior to completing reinstatement procedures, all eligible students must complete the following steps:

Contact Student Services at 419-530-2671 to let them know you are interested in being reinstated, providing them with your name and Rocket Number.  We will then determine your eligibility to return to UT in your original college- either Arts & Letters (formerly CoCA and LLSS) or Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Once approved to move forward:

  1. Submit Appeal Letter to – This letter must be typed in Microsoft Word and attached to an email using your UT Rockets e-mail account (if you are still able to access it). Your letter should include a proper greeting and closing. The letter should address steps that you will take to significantly improve your academic performance upon your return to school. Your appeal letter must also include an assessment of your academic goals. This letter should be one page in length. Re-evaluate your priorities and consider the value of a college degree. You must include your complete mailing address, Rocket Number, e-mail address, and phone number(s) in your letter. Your letter will not be accepted if it does not contain your contact information.
  1. Clear all account holds before submitting reinstatement documents. Students will not be considered for reinstatement until all student account holds are cleared. Some examples of holds that will block your reinstatement and class registration are: past due balance holds; collections holds; disciplinary holds; and various fines such as parking or library fines. Students can check for student account holds by logging into the myUT portal.

  2. Check financial aid status and eligibility. It is important to note that academic probation or suspension is a separate process from financial aid probation or suspension. Students planning to receive federal financial aid must contact Rocket Solutions Central at 419-530-8700 or to verify their financial aid status and eligibility for the semester you are requesting to be reinstated.

  3. Schedule a reinstatement appointment with the Director of Student Services by calling 419-530-2671.  At your appointment, you will discuss some of the factors that led to your academic struggles, eventually culminating with suspension.  You will also discuss strategies to employ in an effort to improve your academic performance, particularly your GPA.  Lastly, you will discuss and sign a Conditional Registration Agreement which includes detailed requirements to maintain following readmission.
Last Updated: 10/22/18