Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Student ID (Rocket Card)

In order to obtain a Student ID, students must upload their own photo. Below are the steps for photo submission and photo requirements. 

Photo requirements:

    * Photo must be free of any items on your head

    * Photo must be free of anything covering your face

    * Photo must be of your full face

    * Photo must be of you by yourself

Steps for photo submission:

1) Be sure to activate your UTAD account first. You should only submit your photo if you have been accepted to UT, as a charge of $35 for the ID will be assessed to your student account at UT. 

2)  Log into the myUT Portal. Visit the New Student Tab in the myUT Portal. Click on "Student ID" on the blue bar menu.

3) Once you are in the link to submit the photo for your Student ID, be sure to select the ID Pickup location as Main Campus.  Follow the steps for photo submission. 

You can pick up your ID at your orientation session or at your convenience in Room 1560 of the Student Union (located inside of Rocket Wireless).

If you have questions about the photo submission process or your Student ID, please contact 419.530.5842.

Last Updated: 8/6/18