Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Program Dates (Spring 2016 Admits)

As a transfer student admitted for the Spring 2016 semester, you have two options for completing orientation:

    • Complete orientation online (100% online) through the online orientation registration system on the New Student Tab
        • If selecting this option, the orientation hold (preventing course registration) will be removed upon completion of online orientation. 
        • Upon completing online orientation, complete any required UT Placement Tests at the UT Test Center (Field House, Rm 1080).  Call your admitted college to determine which placement tests to take and to schedule an advising appointment.
        • Preferred Web Browser to complete online orientation: Mozilla Firefox 5.0, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer Version 7.  All of these Browsers can be downloaded for FREE through the Internet.
    • Attend a Rocket Transition program on campus
      • If selecting this option, the orientation hold will be removed the day of the Rocket Transition program.  Students will meet with an academic adviser and register for courses at the program.  All UT placement tests must be complete before attending Rocket Transition.

Rocket Transition Program Dates (Spring 2016 Admits - Starting School in January):

    • Friday, December 11, 2015
    • Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Reservation system for these dates will open in mid-October 2015.  Your college experience begins at Orientation.  It is strongly encouraged that you attend an on-campus Rocket Transition date to ensure you get the personal interaction with UT students, faculty and staff.



Last Updated: 9/22/15