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Even though there may be more than one violation per citation, you may only appeal one violation per web form. If you want to contest multiple violations from the same ticket, you will have to return to this page after submitting your appeal for the first violation.

You MUST know the ticket number for the citation you are appealing.

Please fill in ALL of the blanks with the requested information, plus a statement of appeal. INCOMPLETE APPEALS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Once you are done, please read the notice at the bottom of the page before submitting your appeal.

If you do not want to provide this information on line, please click HERE

Citation number:

(only ONE ticket per appeal)*REQUIRED

License plate:

Plate state:


Your information (this is mandatory information. Please use the address where you want the decision postcard to be mailed):


Last Name:
First Name:
R number: (if you are affiliated with UT)
Daytime Phone  (with area code):

Statement of appeal:
In the box below, please explain the circumstances surrounding the citation, and why you feel you should be granted an appeal. You are limited to 1,000 characters. Please use carriage returns. The text window will scroll down as you fill it. Please DO NOT use all caps. Appeals submitted in all caps will not be considered.

Hint: If you are appealing a citation for No Permit, and your primary argument is that you have a permit, it would be in your best interest to include the permit number in the text of your appeal.

If you are ready to submit your appeal, please click on the SUBMIT APPEAL button, below. If you need to start all over, please click the RESET button to erase the form and start again.

By clicking the SUBMIT APPEAL button, you are attesting that you have given the correct information regarding the citation you are appealing. Any false statements, deception, or misrepresentation will result

Note: Some aggressive pop-up blockers may block the confirmation page that is supposed to appear after you have clicked "submit appeal"

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