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Lime-S Scooters FAQ

Why is the University offering Lime scooters?
The University continually strives to enhance its campus experience for our students, faculty and staff. As with our TARTA partnership, we want to offer all of our stakeholders alternative, green modes of transportation.

Do any other college campuses offer the Lime scooter-sharing program?
The University of Toledo is the first university in the state of Ohio to offer this program to its students.

How much will this scooter-sharing program cost UT?
Nothing. Lime makes the scooters available and employs someone to maintain and charge them.

How many scooters will be available for use?
The University will initially have 125 scooters available for use. However, Lime will provide UT with more should they be needed.

On which campuses will the scooters be accessible?
Main Campus only. However, Health Science Campus also may be added in the future.

Where will the scooters be available for pickup?
The scooters will be available at designated "hot spots" throughout Main Campus – places identified by parking services that are highly populated by students. After you use a scooter from a hot spot to reach a campus location, the Lime app will show you the location of all available scooters for your return trip.

During what time period are scooters available for use?
Scooters will be available from dusk to dawn seven days a week. The scooters will be available during the school day as well as on the weekends.

Can Lime scooters be used during inclement weather?
The scooter's battery is splash proof, and so Lime scooters may be used during rain; however, due to extremely cold temperatures and other inclement weather factors usually present during Ohio winters, Lime scooters will be unavailable on campus from mid-November until approximately mid-March. Throughout the rest of the year, Lime makes the determination each day if the weather is acceptable for the scooters to be deployed.

May Lime scooters be used on city streets?
No, scooters should remain on University property. The University is offering scooters for use on Main Campus only. The only exception is that scooters may be used by students to get from Main Campus to the Engineering Complex using the pedestrian crosswalk on Douglas Road.

Who may use the scooters?
Lime scooters can be used by anyone 18 years or older that has a valid driver's license on Main Campus.

How does a student, faculty or staff member use a Lime scooter?
To use a scooter, you will need to download the free Lime app providing information such as your driver's license and payment information. Each time you use a scooter, you use the app to unlock it. When you are finished using it, you should park it at the curb and be sure to lock it.

What if I forget to lock the scooter after I use it?
You are charged for each minute you use the scooter, so you will be responsible for minutes afterwards if you don't remember to lock it with the Lime app.

How fast can scooters go?
The maximum speed is approximately 14.8 miles per hour. However, it may be more when traveling downhill.

What safety tips will be provided to users prior to using?
You can find safety tips on Lime's website at

Will the University provide users with helmets and/or other protective equipment?
No, as with our bike program (due to issues such as head lice). However, helmets are encouraged for safety and may be purchased at any big box store or bike shop.

Who is liable should an injury occur due to a scooter?
Lime assumes all responsibility for the scooters on campus. Please refer to Lime's terms and conditions:

Can I be charged for a lost scooter?
Please refer to Lime's terms and conditions: Lime has the capability to locate all of its scooters and is liable for their safe return to Main Campus hot spots each morning.

Who is responsible for charging the scooters?
Lime will collect all scooters at the end of the day, fully charge them during the night, and make them available at the various hot spots in the morning.

How far can a scooter go on a single charge?
Scooters will be collected each night and fully charged. A full charge provides an approximately 20-mile maximum range, depending on usage.

Can I check the battery of the scooter I'm going to use?
Yes. You tap on the Lime icon within the app to view the available battery life of the scooter you're ready to use.

Must users have a valid driver's license to operate them?
Yes. When users first register on the Lime app, they will need to provide this information.

Is there a minimum age requirement to drive a Lime scooter?
Users must be at least 18 years old.

Last Updated: 6/30/19