Parking and Transportation Services

Lime-S Scooters

 Campus Rules to Follow

  • Helmets are not required, but are strongly encouraged to be worn for the rider’s safety.
  • Lime-S scooters must stay on The University of Toledo property and are not approved for off-campus use at this time. A geo-fence has been installed to notify users when the scooter is out of bounds.
  • Scooter riders shall comply with all applicable state motor vehicle laws, official traffic control devices, and signs including posted signs prohibiting riding in a particular designated location.
  • Riders are expected to use good judgement and common sense when riding scooters on campus. Scooter riding is at one’s own risk and should never be operated in a manner that creates a safety risk for others.
  • The rider must ride the device in a controlled manner and exercise care and caution to prevent injury to other, self, or to property.
  • As a reminder, pedestrians have priority right of way and scooters are required to yield to pedestrian traffic.
  • The University may identify, by appropriate signage, locations in which scooter riding is prohibited either permanently or during certain times.
  • Scooter riders may dismount and walk the scooter across any pedestrian accessible area in which scooter riding is prohibited.
  • Only one person per Lime-S scooter may ride at one time.
  • Use of scooters for other purposes (i.e. tricks, jumps, rail sliding, etc.) is not permitted.
  • Scooters may not be ridden in any building or parking structure.
  • Scooters may not be charged on any UT campus.
  • Scooters shall be ridden on approved bicycle routes and campus roads.
  • When riding downhill, riders are encouraged to use care and reduce speed to maintain control of the device.
  • Scooters shall be parked on campus in an upright position with the kickstand down and in such a manner that does not obstruct the flow of pedestrian traffic. Specifically, a scooter must not be parked in automobile parking spaces, on lawn areas, shrub or flowerbeds, streets, driveways, stairs or in any building.
  • This also includes pedestrian public ways, entrance ways to buildings, or places that hinder pedestrian travel.

Riding the Lime-S scooter is a voluntary choice of the rider and is a relationship between the rider and Lime scooter, not with the University. These regulations are designed to encourage and promote safe operation of the scooters on the UT campuses.


Any member of the University community who violates State vehicle operation law, University policy, regulations, or Student Code of Conduct may be subject to the following sanctions:
  • State citation and associated penalties processed by Toledo Municipal Court or court of jurisdiction.
  • University violations and fines are processed through the office of parking & transportation. Violation fines shall be processed in accordance with parking and transportation existing procedures. It is the responsibility of the recipient of a violation notice to settle the fine promptly.
  • Violation notices may be appealed to the Office of Parking & Transportation through the MyParking portal.  Appeals shall be filed no later than 30 calendar days from the statement date of the citation notification.  Second appeals must be filed within 7 days of the initial appeal decision.  The second appeal decision, made by a committee, is final. 
  • Repeated violations and/or unpaid fines may lead to the revocation of scooter use and privileges on all campuses.
Last Updated: 6/30/19