Parking Services

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits


Effective August 5, 2017: New 'How to" guides to apply for your permit

How To Apply for a Permit (Employee Guide)

Click Here to Register or Update your Faculty/Staff Parking Permit

Fees are based on your employment classification.

Please remember to click on "Apply for a Permit" at the beginning of each Academic Year.

If you are a semester faculty member, please make sure you click on "Apply for a Permit" at the beginning of each semester.

DO NOT click on "Update my Permit" unless you are changing the vehicle information associated with a current permit.  

This option WILL NOT secure you a new permit.

Department P-Cards are NOT to be used to purchase Employee permits, under any circumstances.


Faculty and Staff Tutorial for securing a new permit


Please verify the beginning and end dates of your permit upon completion.


Effective August 5th:

Permit Types available for employees:

* A Employee



* E Executive

* G Medical Doctor



Last Updated: 7/20/17