Parking Services


All traffic and parking regulations are enforced 24 HOURS A DAY,
seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Parking Regulations for The University of Toledo are broken down into 4 parts. They are:

Parts A, B, and C – Policy Statement, Purpose, and Definitions Outlines under what authority the university has established the parking regulations; the definitions for terms used within the regulations; the role of the University Police Department in enforcing the parking regulations; the use of valid assumption in identifying responsible parties; and to whom the parking regulations apply. 

Part D, Section 1 – Permit RequirementsDescribes the various permits available; who is required to obtain a permit, and in what circumstances; when permits are not needed; and how to get a permit replaced.  

Part D, Section 2 – Parking Permits Discusses the proper display of parking permits, including motorcycle permits; transferring permits from vehicle to vehicle; and what to do if a permit is stolen or lost. 

Part D, Section 3 – Occasional Visitors Covers the permit needs of people who are not affiliated with the University, but who are visiting UT, either for a day, or for a series of days. 

Part D, Section 4 – Approved ParkingOutlines the general guidelines all motorists are required to follow when parking on campus, including the significance of the color of the lines on the pavement in the parking lots; overnight parking restrictions; pay lots; motorcycle parking; and event parking. 

Part D, Section 5 – Parking Fees Outlines the various types of permits available for purchase; how people are classified as part time or full time students, etc; and how much permits cost. 

Part D, Section 6 – Parking Rules The heart of the University’s Parking Regulations, this section details what is expected of people who operate a vehicle on University property. Included in this section are prohibitions on parking in certain areas; right of way at crosswalks; the campus speed limit; and restrictions on where bicycles may be secured. 

Part D, Section 7 – Violations and Fines Discusses the prompt payment incentive for parking tickets; vehicle immobilizations; outlines the University’s right to tow vehicles, and under what circumstances; responsibility of violations; and the consequences of failing to pay and/or appeal a violation. 

Part D, Section 8 – Appeals Discusses how and when to appeal a ticket. 

Part D, Section 9 – General General assumptions/policies.

Last Updated: 6/9/16