Parking Services

Where may I park?

The table below denote the University's parking lots by campus and permit type.

Main Campus
Campus Map
Parking Lot Allowed Permit Types General Location Notes
1 N A, SV McMaster Hall Handicapped and Metered Spots
1 S A Health & Human Services  Clinic Spaces/ Handicap
2 A, C, K In front of the East Ramp  
East Ramp A, C, K    
3 A, C, K John F. Savage Arena  
3 W n/a   Handicapped and Reserved
4 A, C, K John F. Savage Arena  
4N A John F. Savage Arena  
5 A, C, K John F. Savage Arena  
6 A, C North of Health Education Center Handicapped and Reserved
7 N A North of McComas Village Handicapped and Meters
7 S A, D McComas Village Handicapped and Meters
7 W A West of Parks Tower  
8 A, C, K Carter East & West Reserved
9 A, D Glass Bowl Handicapped and Reserved
10 A, C West Tennis Course Handicapped and Reserved
10 S A Larimer Athletic Complex Reserved
11 Handicap and Meters Snyder Memorial  Handicapped and Meters
12 A North East of Law Center  
12 E SV Performing Arts Handicapped
12 S A, C East of Law Center Handicapped
12 W A West of Law Center Handicapped and Reserved
13 A, C- North half is "A" only; South half reserved for "A" and "C" In front of the West Ramp Reserved, Meters, Admissions Parking Spaces
West Ramp A, C    
14 E Between MacKinnon and Memorial Field House Handicapped
14 E n/a In front of Libbey Hall Handicapped
14 W n/a In front of Tucker Hall Handicapped
16 E n/a Health & Human Services Handicapped
17 A Driscoll Center Handicapped and Reserved
18 A, B, C, K Behind University Computer Center  
18 N n/a Recreational Center Ctr. Loading area  
18 S A In front of University Computer Center Handicapped
18 W n/a In front of Recreation Center Handicapped and Meters
19 A, C In front of North Engineering Handicapped
19 S A North Engineering Handicapped
20 A, C, K South of Palmer Hall Handicapped
20 E A South of Nitschke Auditorium Handicapped and Reserved
20 N A In front of Westwood Research Annex  
24 E SV Student Union Reserved
24 L SV Steam Plant  
24 N SV Bowman Oddy  
24 S SV Carlson Library Handicapped
24 W SV Wolf Hall  
25G Gateway Patrons Gateway at Secor No Overnight Parking
25 C, D, A Rocket Hall Spaces closest to Gateway Loft are reserved for Loft residents only
25N A, C Rocket Hall No Overnight Parking; Metered
25S A, C, D, E, K Rocket Hall


25 E SV Rocket Hall


26 A, C, D, T Student Medical Center Handicapped and Metered
26 A A Student Medical Center Patients ONLY
26 E SV East of Horton International  
27 A A, C West of Ottawa House West
No Overnight Parking
27 B A, D East of The Crossings Handicapped and Reserved
27 C A South of Transportation Center Handicapped
27 D A North of Ottawa House East Reserved and Police Vehicles
28 A West of Plant Operations  
29 n/a North of Transportation Center Police Vehicles
30 n/a North of Child Care Center Drop off and Pick up only
31 SV South of Plan Operations  
33S A South of Research & Technology Complex 1  
Health Science Campus
Campus Map
Parking Lot

Allowed Permit Types

General Location


40 Patient/Visitor Parking East of Lobby Handicapped
41 G, Patient/Visitor Parking, 2A after 2pm;  North of Emergency Room Handicapped
42 A, Patient, Visitor East of Dowling Hall Handicapped
42A 2A, Special permits only West of Emergency Room  
43 A, C South of Health Education Handicapped
44 A, C, D, K East of College of Nursing Handicapped
44A E North of College of Nursing Handicapped
44B A, C, D, K East of College of Nursing Handicapped
44C A, C, D North of Facility Support Building  
45 E East of Facility Support Building  
46 A, Visitors, C, D- Half is Patient parking only South of Dana Conference Center Handicapped
47 Visitors South of Kobacker Center Handicapped
48 G, Patients Ruppert Health Center Handicapped
50 A, Visitors Glendale Medical Center Handicapped
51 A, Visitors Veterans Administration Building Handicapped
52 A North West Ohio Medical Tech. Center Handicapped
53 A Laboratory Incubator Center Handicapped
55 A Records Retention Center  
56 A, Visitors Educare Center Handicapped


Scott Park Campus
Campus Map
Parking Lot Allowed Permit Types General Location Notes
21 F Gated lot, North of Non-Academic Services Center  
22 A, C, F, T East of Non-Academic Services Center  
22 S n/a South of Academic Services Center Handicapped
22 W SV North of Scott Park Student Center  
23 A, C East of Learning Resource Center Handicapped- Mega Bus Lot
23 E A Engineering Technology Laboratory Center Handicapped
23 W A, SV South of Non-Academic Service Center  
32 A West of Westwood Building Handicapped
32 S A South of Westwood Building Handicapped
Last Updated: 1/17/17